Hold me captive with those eyesCaress me with those fingersSavour me with that tongueSing to me with that voiceClimb me like your towerBathe me like yourselfLay me spend like a sipHeaving breaths reverendSeeking hands shakingGrateful sighs reverberatingWind yourself around meTight and don’t let me go. NinaM


These words sit on my tongue like leadCoalesced from the thick guilt withinAnd I let them roll aroundCreasting and garnering momentum And I still sit. These words pour out of my lips with vinegarAcrid and sharp from the churningAnd I let them fly like dartsPinponting my target like a hunter And I still speak. These … More Rehearsal

Pools of love

Dance with meSuspended in this void of stillnessYour calm chasing my chaosYour desire chasing my lustYour love chasing my devotionTwined in unending loops of gaspsGrasp my hand thrust in your sphereDined and sipped in tricklesAghast you absorb my sights like a seer. Hence with meSpoolled in this endless spinYour sighs completing my gruntsYour insatiable appetite … More Pools of love


Feet faint over the soft grassThe rustle of leaves in my wakeBreaths sure and steadyI waltz down towards the clearing pathDrums loud and reverberating in my soulMy skin warms with promiseAs the blue light shimmers and dawn peeksExhaling my past in the wake of a new journeyComforted by the care of my ancestorsThe fireflies blink … More Twilight

Beautiful tragedies

Like fireflies, that smile got meCarefree and mooningLike night stars, that voice had meReeled in and hanging for moreLike butterflies, that exuberance endeared meOpening my shut heart wide openLike eager eyes, that lightness consumed meSnapping off the chains around my bodyLike sniper aims, those words revived meBreathing newness into my exhausted soulLike glitter winks, the … More Beautiful tragedies

I never loved you

I never loved youAnd not because I want to hurt youBut I lied to myselfDay and nightI watched your eyes adorn me with curiosityI watched your eyes adorn me with intrigueI watched your eyes adron me with uneaseI watched you eyes adorn me with loveI watched your eyes swim with confusion I never loved youAnd … More I never loved you

Burning Star

I’m not your salvationI’m a burning starIlluminated in its flamesAs it burnsIts last resort of being memorableMy glimmering rays are what fools youBut soon I’ll take you with meInto a dark oblivion that sucks in matterRun and save yourselfThere’s no bright future hereBut a yawning dark endless pitSpin out of my galaxy and shine brightMy … More Burning Star

That Old thing

When the room gets too coldWhen the corners of my mind echoWhen my eyes search for you among strangersWhen I start grasping for your phantom handWhen I wish I could have it one more timeWhen I just want that same feelingWhen I flounder in this newness and shuffle backWhen that gossomer whisper of what I … More That Old thing

Mortal end

The problem with mortals,is that harmony eludes usWhat we can have and what we useis never seen as enoughThey always want more of itunaware greed leads than death? The problem with mortalsis that pastWill repeat itself over and overis it not blatantly clear?Screaming that we stop grabbingis it hard to just be content? The problem … More Mortal end

Alkebulan’s Inferno

This dusting of cocoa all over my essence It shimmers with eons of existance The core deep commands of revered reigns The Ubuntu of a people never broken It swims with awareness of a fear Foreboding recent invasions and separations dangling. This Silken shawl over the sinew of my being It vibrates with the cries … More Alkebulan’s Inferno