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Bitter past

Yesterday I sat on the verandah
A sunny day, carefree,
Ready for a new day, safe behind the walls of the house my father build
Today, I sit confined in strange walls,
The stench of sweat permiates the room
The booming voices of angry men, gunshots popping metres from me
My heart beats so fast, my shaking hands wrapped over my immobile legs
Footsteps walk to the small bed I was thrown on last night
The night and past few hours a blur
I hear screams, more girls are being hurled in
The thin sheet of sweat that has covered my skin from the moment they broke through our home a speck of reality
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Ever elusive

Isn’t life fickle
You get
You lose
You find something si dear
But a hand awaits to squander
My beloved life
Why are like the tide
Why do you love me now and leave soon
Why ever are so elusive
How do you open your arms with so much to give but with the reaper hiding behing you.

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New book ALERT!


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Happy reading.