Crushing tides

Breathless abandon steers our passion Gazes prisoner Vulnerabilities exposed Digging nails clawing Strumming heartbeats sopranos of our rushing blood. Backs bowed Slicked skin heating Whispered sentiments in a loop Gasping for another extra moment Applause of our flesh rhythmic. Hunting chase a fevered gallop A premise splayed for devouring Soaring keens and staying grunts The … Continue reading Crushing tides

In Deep

Tracing lines over your skin I search the hum of your love Boiling to the surface that your eyes drip. Words mellowed with honeyed syllables We dip and tumble Chasing each other like rivulets. Endless satiation an unending beating drum, My hands fill with your devotion Hovering over my insecurities and rubbing a balm. Breaths … Continue reading In Deep

I want love

We are cursed my darling girl, To love boys who don't love us back I've stripped myself bare and it's not enough I want a jug that pours into me I want a soul that twines with mine I want to feel our hearts beat together Our legacies to stretch over lifetimes My darling girl, … Continue reading I want love

Last seconds

Tethered by snapping strings Moments from spiraling into darkness Hands clutched Panicked gasps Wide eyes Wild heartbeats "Don't let me go," Ticking clock silencing goodbyes The final scene but you're too young Denying pleas Pouring tears Cooling limbs Frantic imploring "You gonna be okay," Creeping realisation of the end The desolate yawning future alone Blubbering … Continue reading Last seconds

When I

I will close my eyes when my heart is crying I roll over and face the wall when my yearning rounds the corner nightly I ferry you about with my eyes when my hands will never hold you again I lay bouquets at the foot of you and imagine their fragrance in my empty house … Continue reading When I