abuse · Angry · sad · trauma

Bloodied gems

Masculinity trained to stay in cages
Seething eyes glinting with defeat
Fatigued fists denied vengeance
Howls of pain buried so deep
The innocent boys watch helplessly as ‘lovers’ batter their mothers

Swarmed by prickling pressure
Catharsis dangled by a gleaming gun
Mouths wide shut as adulthood comes
Expectations crawling over premature stunted child in a man’s body
The lost boys watch as ‘lovers’ eyes dim and leave unable to crack them open Continue reading “Bloodied gems”

Angry · sad · words

Coveted Freedom

Beware, the demure masquerading lion
stroking your coat
Strolling by your side
Sleeping by your side
But never forgets to reach out its paw when you make to move away alone

Beware, the slow death of your spirit
Moulting feathers
Mellowed moods faked to please
Melding yourself into a pigeon hall
But never saying you’re dissatisfied or knowing you won’t be heard Continue reading “Coveted Freedom”

abuse · sad · words

Winged dark shadow companion

The cold odd presence stirs my instinct to run
The dark corner in my mind I cower in gets smaller
Huge and purposeful it marches
My body rocks, disconnected due to fear

Uninvited, the long wings scrape on the walls as the creature surveys its new surroundings
Delirious with panic, my mind recoils but the lock on the cell of trauma clanks Continue reading “Winged dark shadow companion”