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Tombs of my mistakes

Looking over my shoulder there are tombs everywhere
Of pains I was afraid to face but forced themselves to the forefront
Regrets whisper like unsated sighs in the bedrooms
The bones of my mistakes are writhing with reminders
My will was bend out of shape as I sank with disappointments clamoring for my desire to do better Continue reading “Tombs of my mistakes”

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Fading purples

I remember when it started
When I knew he’d crossed the line
There was just too much pressure around my neck
His eyes had a different type light when he say my eyes widen
Something in him feasted on my fear
My mind twisted at the hardness in his eyes
The darkness that had lurked in there wanted out
The bad and dirty that had clung to the sides where he hid them had finally clawed out
I was in uncharted waters where I’d heard stories like this but they were further away because I thought I was careful with life
That night I felt my induction into that hall of pain
Why had I not walked away?
How had I been fooled into walking to the lions doorstep by the fading candle light which now had gone off and left me floundering in the dark once I step at the doorstep? Continue reading “Fading purples”

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Confetti of my heart

You don’t understand my choice
Because you fell in love with me too fast
Where as I took my time
I took my time to study you
To know your likes and dislikes
To learn your body language
To know what made you angry
To know what made you laugh or got you awestruck
To know why you sometimes hide with words when something is too emotional and you don’t want to be hurt
To know how you perceive things
To realise that sometimes you get vague to avoid topics when you get frustrated
By the time I fell for the man on the inside
You were on the way out Continue reading “Confetti of my heart”

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Jail bird

The white walls
The silence
The yelling
My fear
My numbness
How did I end up here
And forgotten.

The man at the podium with his hammer thought mw guilty
The twelve people who sat and listened to both sides of stories decided I was guilty
A lof of people thought I was guilty
But I’m not.

At sixteen I was being sex trafficked by a pimp
At sixteen my veins werr being pumped full of drug cocktails
At sixteen I was raped repeatedly on a daily basis
At sixteen they were breaking my will minute by minute. Continue reading “Jail bird”

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Deathbed of dreams

There was a time I skipped to school
There was a time I dreamed of finishing school
There was a time I liked walking through the gates
There was a time I loved raising my hand in class to answer a question

But now I cower in the corner
With classmates a year younger than I
Afraid and ashamed of the words other people utter
I sit at the back, throat clogged with lead heavy words Continue reading “Deathbed of dreams”