As I rush down the path laden with fears Heart unsure Mind determined Affirmations hazy Words only whispers on my trembling lips I know, Your arms await with patience Your arms will hold me as I still my fears Your arms will rock me as I weep Your arms have become my solace.

Sparrows Albatross wings

The evocative artistry’s naked expression The endearing charisma The silent inviting consumed commitment The reclusive pride while creating An artist’s allure is as addictive as it is elusive. To swim in their minds always sparked To glow in the light of their sun’s radiance To sink into softness that invokes rebirth To fill your ears … More Sparrows Albatross wings

Rebel love

In these shallow depths I wade unsure Funneling all of me into us In these deep waters, I kick unsure Doubting myself every second. In this pen of confusion, I ask myself Where I’m headed without a map In this vast space, I hear echoes My thoughts want to know directions. In my confused state, … More Rebel love

Jazz birds

As the voice croons through the speakers I sway while the words swirl around me Melodies like caresses that wake me Deep throaty tunes pull me under Bathed in the smooth cry of a sax My chest fills with a deep pain Of the seductive melancholy in their words. Like a potent drink under dimmed … More Jazz birds

New book Release

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Bleeding heart

Regrets knock in intervals Unsaid words echo louder Said incomplete words gurgle in my mouth Arms open, I talk my heart out Gathering the love I want to keep close My bleeding heart refuses to be stitched. Praises I sang too late skirt my openesss Like rising water my gumption thumps But guilt dances in … More Bleeding heart

Poison Ivy

Your carefully wrapped hurtful words Slither Your condescending tone towards my hobbies Slobbers Your unsatisfied reminders of my inadequacy Constricting Your execution of ‘perfects’ that trump all Confining Your ‘well meaning’ criticising with needles of tearing down Wrapping The poison of your words seeps into my mind slowly as time goes Secluded Built into a … More Poison Ivy


They are a book yet to be well read Passed around, fawned over and rightfully endeared They have birthed nations They have suckled us at their breast They have bled to feed us They have nurtured even as they pained Women are a people stripped Women have long been too ostracised Women have never had … More Women

Crushing tides

Breathless abandon steers our passion Gazes prisoner Vulnerabilities exposed Digging nails clawing Strumming heartbeats sopranos of our rushing blood. Backs bowed Slicked skin heating Whispered sentiments in a loop Gasping for another extra moment Applause of our flesh rhythmic. Hunting chase a fevered gallop A premise splayed for devouring Soaring keens and staying grunts The … More Crushing tides

In Deep

Tracing lines over your skin I search the hum of your love Boiling to the surface that your eyes drip. Words mellowed with honeyed syllables We dip and tumble Chasing each other like rivulets. Endless satiation an unending beating drum, My hands fill with your devotion Hovering over my insecurities and rubbing a balm. Breaths … More In Deep