Cornered maiden.

muslins“I thought ladies don’t go walking in the darkness without a companion, ma’am.” Said a voice a few steps behind sounding familiar. Clutching my reticule harder to hide my nerves I spun around.

“Some like some fresh air since the ballroom is all crowded to think clearly.” I said.

Stopping behind me, he appeared to loom over her, and maybe had other ideas about approaching her as far as she knew. There was very little light but enough for her to make out his fine facial features as well as his body that made him look like a god descent from the heavens.

“Well maybe you were looking for other things out here if I wasn’t mistaking?” he asked with a half s mile touching the sides of his mouth.

“I beg your pardon?” I felt my cheeks heating up just thinking of what he meant by that. His hand touched my right hand and made me yelp at the uncertainty.

“Well maybe Miss Katya we ought to be well acquainted…..” he trailed.

“Whatever would you mean by that?” I said trying to sound brave and not affected by his touch, that was sending odd sensations around my body that I never knew of. Sliding his hand up to my shoulder, he started to bend towards me; sending my heart to frenzy I hoped that he did not hear it.

“Well Miss, ladies who go for walks in the gardens at night with no company are usually asking to be thoroughly kissed….” he murmured while tilting his head a little as though to study my already heated face.

Good heavens what had she got herself into? Getting caught up with a scoundrel in a dimly lit garden and no way to escape. Worse of all, with a very traitorous body towards his intentions. My lips felt dry suddenly.

“Do all rogues go around looking for unaccompanied ladies wandering about the gardens?” I asked trying and failing to sound brave. His breath brushed some stray strands of hair on my crown and he whispered close to my ear.

“Maybe if I showed you, next time you will not wander about….” his lips brushed my ear, then his tongue licked the sensitive place behind my ear that had me gasping and sending fluttering to the pit of my belly and eliciting odd feelings from my body and horribly so far my back arched a little to push my body towards his.


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