Romance · Sexual

Dinner then….

Walking into the restaurant, the doorman took my coat and I followed the waiter who asked to show me to our table. The lighting of the place created a lulled effect, enhanced by the low hum of conversation that carried about as people talked in between bites.

Uriel sat at our table by the corner. He wore a button down shirt, that outlined his masculine physique well and jeans that emphasised the length and strength of his long legs.

Smiling, I slid into the seat opposite him.

“I like what your wearing.” He said eyeing me, his brown eyes darkening a little.

I wore a simple yellow back zip silk dress, which was just shy of my knees by inches. A necklace that winked every time light caressed it, and heels that drew attention to my legs. My sandy brown hair cascaded down my shoulders in waves.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” I said taking a sip the water. Then we ordered.

Leaning forward, he caught my hand in his and rubbed his thumb idly on the back of my hand.

I tired to act casual but, the warmth spreading through me from that simple act was making it hard.

Our food arrived and he drew his hand away, only to move his food next to mine. Sliding on the seven shaped chair to sit next to me he kissed my lips lightly. His jean clad thigh brushed mine as he fed me little morsels from his plate then mine, and I returned the favour.

“How about we get out here and do something different.” He said to my ear, licking the lobe then lightly sucked on it. His hand moved up my thigh and rubbed circles on the inside as I paid for our food.

“How about it?” I asked coyly letting my hand move over his flat torso slowly then rose.

I don’t know if we locked the door. His hands were all over me. Moving them up my body, he took the zipper of my dress and drew it down letting it pool at my feet. His shirt followed which I took my time removing, making sure to brush my fingers on his chest and his torso.

We stood naked, full of desire, kissing as Uriel began moving backwards until I felt the backs of my legs touch the bed. Winding a hand around my waist, he bend and we fell onto the bed. His tongue pushed into my mouth, coaxing mine to come out and play. I pushed one leg up and wound it around his waist and ground into him.

He grunted into the kiss, one hand moving between our bodies and he slipped a finger into my core. My back bowed as I ground my pelvis on his hand. His mouth moved down. He licked one nipple then drew into his mouth. He licked and nipped before moving to the other.

My nails dug onto his shoulder and back as my body strained. He added another finger and kept at the same speed, while he rubbed the little bundle of nerves with his steel hard cock.

I felt my body tense and with one nipple and a soft blowing on my breast coupled with his wicked fingers slipping in and out of my core, I broke off. Eyes closed, panting, I rode the orgasm but before I came off the little high, I felt him start to enter me.

I moaned and gripped him tighter.


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