Come in.

Cassie was a walking sin.

“I don’t get why you can’t just asked her out.” My friend Jake wondered out loud as we showered after football practise.

“I’m a gentleman, unlike you.” I teased. “Maybe I want some peace of mind” I said with a grin and he just shook his head.

“I’m sure when you think of Cassie there’s no peace of mind available.” He said as we towelled off.

She had a body made for sinful intentions. She had an olive completion, dark silky hair that reached mid back. Her eyes were hazel with emerald flecks with facial features that fit her well, not to mention that mouth with bee stung lips that wanted to be kissed.

“I wish you would put me out of my misery and ask her out, you daydream like a lovesick high school boy.” Jake whisked me off my daydream in a whine and a punch on my bicep.

Two months later.

“How come no one is home?” I asked Cassie when I got to her parents house to find it quiet than usual.

“My parents went on a weekend away, so it’s just Me.” she replied coming to peck my lips lightly, before she dragged to the back of the house.

Coming up for air I brushed the strands of hair from my forehead then wiped the water from my face. Turning around I spotted Cassie swimming to the shallow end. I reached there before she did. Grabbing her leg, she shrieked but I didn’t let go.

Pulling her to me, she wrapped her hands around my neck and my lips found hers. Gently biting her bottom lip, I trailed my hand down her side lightly tagging at the bra straps but kept going. My thumb brushed the underside of her left, and I felt her grinding into me. Her breasts moulded on my chest while her fingers massaged my scalp slowly.


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