It’s our Secret.

On the floor, I spread my arms wide then bend my legs and arched my back as the music picked up then turned over and crawled foward a little before rising up. I sithered down the wall in tune with the music I rose up to finish with a pose.

“Well done.” I heard someone say accompanied by clapping, when I started to walk to the back to remove the costume in case someone found me.

I turned and looked at the man standing near the door of the club. It was Taylor; a cousin of my manager. I had been working at the club for a year and I had only seen him a few times.

“Uh.. I was just leaving.” I stammered, walking faster.

“Oh don’t worry, I enjoyed the show.” He said coming towards the polished wooden platform. “Care to give me an exclusive show?” he asked smiling.

“Sorry but I have to go.” I said.

I wore a red and black burlesque dancing costume. It had a  satin red strap from one bra cup to the other with a clasp on the right cup. The tips of the black as  cups-like the corset- had red lace, it was smooth, hardened but flexible.

make him squirm
make him squirm.

The bottom was red and lacy too and the back had red feathers in a U shape going mid thighs covering my derrière and I wore fish-net stocking with it.

“How about you dance again and my cousin won’t know about your private dances?” He said, after walking past the bar on the right and up the few stairs and took a chair from the corner bringing it to the middle; before lowering his divine frame on it.

“I promise.” He said as if reading my thoughts. I hadn’t danced in three years since college and this happens? Maybe I could dance badly I thought. I hit shuffle on my IPod and got ready.

I just want to make love to you’ by Etta James came on and I felt myself blushing. Of all the song it had to be that one? Oh well.

Swaying my hips to the beat, I walked towards him with a-come hither look-and shook my shoulders at the fast beats. Trailing my finger on his hand which rested on his thigh, I bend and sang along close to his ear, moving my body on him.

Letting go, I took the black stick by the wall and moving in slow teasing steps; I held it to my side and slid down slowly like a snake then came up, all the while looking at him.

Lifting my legs up a little while walking towards him, I moved my hips left and right smiling coyly. Planting my hands on his thighs, I leaded in and made my eyes travel up his body and ended up looking at his eyes when Etta James crooned ‘I just want make love to you X2’, and slowly winked.

Trailing my fingers down his chest; I enjoed his fast breathing and shifting to adjust his growing arousal. I hooked my finger on the V of his shirt brinign him close then pushed him back when he leaned in before I walked away swaying my hips as Etta James’s pitch picked up.  I was actually enjoying this, I thought.

I moved my hands down my body, and dropped to a squat in a slithering motion when I reached my knees, then lifted slowly letting my hands brush my legs as I stood at an L shape with my back arched before straightening.

I came and sat on his lap, leaning to the right as if falling and trailed a gloved finger down his face and moved forward until I could feel his breath fan my face, then I turned around and moved my hips in a circular motion smilling when I heard him suck in a breath. Arching my back so that my head rested on his chest, I sang along again while moving slowly on him ‘..That I could give you all the love in the whole wide world..’ then lifted off him as the song finished.

“Well that’s it, I hope you keep your end of the bargain.” I said walking to the back to remove the costume.

“Wait we could..” he said grabbing my wrist while he rose from the chair and his fingers trailed up my hand making me look into his eyes..


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