happy · Romance · Sexual

I Spy with my little Eye..

Turning my head to the right, I lay on my woman at a beachstomach on the beach towel with my hands crossed; Looking at the carefree people enjoying themselves on the nearly white sandy beach.

Near the far greenery, was a woman lying on her back on a beach towel laughing at something the guy lying next to her had said. Suddenly she started to rise when he spoke again but he bet her to it; tackling her down. Smiling, he dropped his head and kissed her despite her protesting. She wrapped her hands around his neck and arched her back. His hand travelled up her side and under her back and her hands tightened making his hips to twitch.

Lifting my head, I saw another couple running into the water.

The coffee latte coloured woman shrieked in mock fear as a chocolate coloured guy ran after her into the water. Before she could dive into a wave to avoid him, he caught her and they fell in together. When they came up for air they were a little far but, I saw that the strings of her bra swim-set were loose and he was kissing the sense out of her. I saw her wrap her legs round his waist, using the water as a curtain. I hoped they wouldn’t be kicked out by the watchdogs before…

Closing my eyes I bend my legs and moved one back and the other forward like kids do when colouring on the floor.

Another couple sat under a beach umbrella on far left.

She looked so content with her man caressing her body idly. She scooted behind him as if ticklish and wrapped her legs around his waist while her hands rested on his wide shoulders. She speared her fingers into his shoulder length blond hair and started massing his scalp and he moved his head to rest on her left shoulder while she nuzzled her nose on his neck. I guess she knew his weak point.

Smiling, I turned to lie on my back and leaned on my elbows. I watched my husband making a beeline towards me and I just enjoyed the view. He was a mountain of a man, no extra fat visible with his wet board shorts stuck to his thighs an all mine.


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