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Simply Beautiful.

After months spend moping aroundd over him, it had taken my friend telling me it was ‘pathetic’ and more concincing, to move on.

Tonight, I sat in a booth at a nice restaurant enjoying myself and secretly celebratingg the new me with the handsome man beside me.

She looked so happy. It had taken a silly mistake and a huge act of selfishness to lose her. And she had walked out on us without a glance over her shoulder, and I hadn’t blamed her. She deserved better than what I had offered. The woman whom I had gone home with that night couldn’t even hold a light to her to this day.

With shimmering curled brunette locks that now kissed the middle of her back. Big brown eyes that I had always loved to gaze into when we cuddled, talked or made love, were looking into someone else’s and he was smiling  back at her.

I had loved the way her lashes fanned her cheeks as she slept. The four freckles on her cute nose had been something I had always teased her about, then I would kiss them enjoying the brush of her breath on my chin.

Her smile had lit my mornings. Wide and full on white teeth and two dimples on her cheeks to boot. I had loved kissing those lips. Pink and just plumb to make a man go wild with countless fantasies. She had curves in all the right places but my favourite spot to kiss had been her smooth neck. Creamy, always warm and smelled of lavender. She was simply beautiful

Tonight she wore a mid thigh pale brown dress, with the white heels she had bought while we were on holiday in Europe. She turned and leaned into her new mans’ embrace, laughing at something he had said and he kissed her neck while running his hand up her hand. I wonder if she still wore that same perfume or she had changed because the older one reminded her of me.

Shoving my hands in my pockets with a resigned sigh and slumped shoulders, I walked away. It was time I stopped wondering what could have been; because I had been the one to break what we had had and she had found someone who wouldn’t treat her like I had.


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