Romance · Sexual

Three isn’t a crowd.

She couldn’t choose.

Alyssa, Erion and Dylan had been friends since they were little, but as they had grown up so had been their friendship. No one had done anything about the friendship shift that had occurred since late high school.

Erion had jet black hair that he liked to keep trimmed but still reached his ears. It always looked so glossy that she ran her fingers through it whenever she could. Dylan’s was somewhere between brown and shimmered coppery in the sun with blond highlights. Erion had hazel eyes hidden behind a curtain of long lashes that sometimes looked like he wore eyeliner from far, but they were natural.  Dylan had mossy green eyes that always grew darker when he concentrated on something. His nose was a little crocked where it had been broken once, unlike Erion’s straight one. Every time she saw that bump, she remembered of the day they had fought for her and what it had meant for them.

A guy at school in their last sophomore year had been asking her out and over and over again she had denied his advances. She had had two faces that had filled her mind every time he’d talked about them going out. When Erion and Dylan had found him cornering her and forcing her to say yes, they’d beaten him up so badly that the guy had missed school for a week and since then stayed away.

Erion’s lips were something she had been thinking too much about all through college and had spent time wondering how they would taste and feel. The bottom had a nice plumb curve and the top one a nice bow and they had always looked like he put some sort of moisturizer. Dylan’s were so well put that sometimes she had wondered if he’d been teased about them. A perfect pink and like a cherub’s bow, with a little O when he was distracted. Yes she had dreamed of tasting them both and not on the cheeks.

They both had nice builds. Wide shouldered, big chests and lean torsos that sported real hard earned six-packs. She had seen them many times busy working outside; making her feel like a high school girl again. She remembers watching Dylan walking out of the pool with all the water rivulets caressing his body before he’d turned to get his towel and watched the muscles on his back move with power she had wanted to see used on her.

They had long strong legs that perfectly fit the worn jeans they wore while at home or in slacks when heading to the office. And yeas she would admit she had looked at their feet and she was very sure what that meant.

But when she’d realised that she had deep feelings for Erion first, she had avoided them. Wondering ‘how would Dylan feel?’ then the same feelings for Dylan had followed. She’d spend nights tossing and turning the question burning. Would they think her greedy and selfish for wanting both?

One night Dylan had towered over her and demanded she talk to them, but instead she’d kissed him and recoiled with a gasp after realising what she had done. When she had had heard him chuckle and Erion murmur “About time,” she had wondered what that had meant. Later they had talked about her reaction, and she’d  come to realise that they had been waiting to see if she had feelings for them like they did for her, before acting on them and driving her away.


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