Romance · Sexual

Convince Me.

“You look bored out of your mind.” I heard a mellow voice say behind my ear.

“Do I?” I asked bit I didn’t turn around but his warmth from behind still engulfed me. I heard him chuckle and I let the sound sink deep into my bones like caramel sliding down your tongue.

It was Jack Lyon, the younger brother of the two Lyon brothers.  Jack was the elusive one, disappearing with his Harley and showing up unexpectely, unlike his older brother who was now engaged.

“So why are you out here on the balcony by yourself when everyone else is down there enjoying themselves?” he asked coming to lean on the balcony on his back with his hands bend, his right hand touching mine and neither of us moved away. The act strained the black shirt he wore showing off his wide masculine chest, the Pecs diving it into two. Turning my head to look out again I replied. “Maybe it isn’t my cup of tea.” And shifted from my left leg to my right.

I felt him shift a little and turning my head towards him I found his face a breath away from mine. The moon illuminated some parts of his face but it’s his eyes that I was staring at. They were dark with desire and trained intently on me. “What is your cup of tea?” he asked leaning in a little until I could feel his breath tickle my lips then he stopped. I felt my lips open on their own, silently wishing he would kiss me but he just kept looking at me his eyes twinkling. He was going to make me say it.

Two could play this game. Closing my eyes slowly I arched my neck and moved my head to my right a little. I felt him lean in a little and  I whispered. “I want your lips on me.” Moving my hand from the balcony, I let it brush by the bulge straining his jeans accidentally and I heard him inhale sharply. Smiling  my hand continued its journey to up his torso and splayed it on his chest feeling his heart beating fast like mine. I moved my head down and nuzzled his neck drawing patterns with my nose and moaned provocatively. He smelled so good, spring mixed with light cologne or his aftershave. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

“Just my lips?” he asked moving closer.

His hand moved down from my waist to rest on my butt and I felt the warmth pool between my legs dampening the lacy panites I had on. He shifted me so that I was facing him and pulled my hips towards his where the bulge between his legs bumped my stomach. Grinding my hips slowly, I felt him inhale sharply while his other hand was buried deep in my hair and his lips were on mine. He arched my neck a little to get a good angle then his tongue slipped between my lips. His other hand moved my leg up and wrapped it around his thigh. His fingers moved under my dress leaving a trail of heat in their wake until they found my core. His thumb traced the outside lace of my panties then runned my centre slowly and I ground my pelvis on his hand.

“My bed.” he Said lifting my other leg to wrap around his waist and we started moving back, our mouths still fused together.

Laying me on the bed, he moved his hand under me and I arched my back feeling my hard nipples brush his chest and I moaned. His head moved to take one in his nouth through my dress and I clutched his head to me. His other hands pinched the other nipple while he ground himself on my mound which was weeping for him.

Moving my hands form his hands, I pulled his shirt up and over his head. He rose and with his hands on  my thighs moved them up and removed my dress that was around my waist. He trailed his fingers from my shoulders until he reached the valley of my breast, then expertly removed the front clasp of my bra and my breasts slipped into his waiting hands. Fondling them slowly he looked at me as he lean in and took one nipple into his mouth. My hands pried at his waist band while my hips arched and ground on his.

“I have to much on,” he said rising up to leean on his knees. Shifting off the bed, I watched his as he removed his jeans and boxers and he stodd there naked in his golden glory and I elt my tongue wet my lips as my eyes moved to his member that was straing up. He sheathed himself and joined me on the bed. Kneeling between my thighs he grasped my waist and arched my back maing my breasts  bounce a little-a move he didn’t miss. He moved to lie on top of me then his lis were on mine as he pushed inside me.


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