Age old beauty.

I thought it’s time long gone but bits of its beauty still showed. Raising my hand, I opened the 2513 front door. With one leg inside and the other outside, I could already smell the reek of rotting wood and mouldy walls. I saw a sign in front of me that read, ‘meet other inhibited minds’.  I walked gingerly on the mossy floor and stood in the middle of the room.

I could see some wet trails on the walls and hear water hitting the floor from the broken celling. The front was empty, but to my left there was some furniture that had been left behind. I walked to the where a once stuffed chair sat in ruin and stains, the design still showcased its beauty in a way. On the wall near it was an image of a woman wrapped in a thin veil, but most of her beauty had faded with time.

Walking I Marvelled at the painting of a woman on the celling, and found myself looking at another sign.

To the gaming rooms.

  • Play your luck.

To my right, there was a sign with an arrow pointing to the hallway.

‘Lose yourself.’ It read.

  • Find a woman to entertain you.

Walking down the hallway, I came into an empty erotically painted red room. It had large windows and hooks that once had curtains hanging from them, but they were now empty. The wind wheezed into the room and closing my eyes; I imagined the room clocked in red heavy curtains, warm and men sitting in stuffed chairs with courtesans entertaining them.


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