Roman prince.

She didn’t know that he had watched her time and time again while she walked on the lands blooming with flowers of different colours, the place fragrant with their smell that lulled his senses and calmed her too.

Her shoulders lost the tense look about them and her body relaxed as she walked about, looking as if she swayed from side to side; probably humming to herself. The fields were a mix of yellows, reds, blues, purples, pinks and whites. Red tulips and roses grew to the west. She would bend and brush the delicate petals here and there smiling; he had wished he would be standing next to her or across and see that beautiful face break into a smile.

“Will you pick one for me?” he asked, standing behind her. Her back stiffened and she froze mid act about to touch a yellow flower that had white hues on the inside.

“What?” she asked turning to look at him.

“I asked if you will pick a flower for me.” He said.

“But there are so many flowers; you can pick any that you want.” She said with a small frown.

“I want you to pick one for me.” He said with a smile. She looked around then walked to a patch that had small white flowers.

“Here” she said her eyes on her hands. He made sure to brush her fingers as her took the flower from her.

Its petals were pure white with green dot like patches behind every petal. They were bending, so he had to tip the delicate bowl like petals to look inside. He brought one close to his nose and took a whiff. They smelled like honey, mixed with a sweet smell of roses. The anthers were small and yellow heavy with pollen. He stretched his hand to her and motioned for her to smell it too. He watched as her lashes fluttered closed, while she let the soft smells tease her nostrils and her lips stretched a little.

“I love how it smells; it’s so soft and beautiful.” She said, then her eyes snapped open her cheeks blooming red a little. She was probably scared to have spoken to a prince like that but he didn’t mind.

Leaning in, he put his index finger under her chin and tipped her head up. Her big brown eyes gazed into his. Her plumb lips opened a little and he felt his tongue twitch in his mouth wanting to brush hers and twine with hers as they duelled. He wanted to kiss her until she was out of breath and left begging for more.

Her dark brown hair flowed to the middle of her back and framed her face, hiding the big bronze button like holds that kept her robes secure on her shoulders, and a golden belt around her waist showing her curvaceous body.

He wanted to lie with her and watch her as she experienced what he could offer her. Her face a screen of emotions just for him. He body writhing, wanting more of him as he would her. She looked delicate but he knew she would take just like he would. Nights filled with their loving and gazes that spoke to each other silently.

He was expected to take after his father as king so time in the future, but all he wanted was to whisk her away to a place where they wouldn’t have to worry about anything but their happiness.


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