Romance · Sexual

Claiming her cowboy.

Dea couldn’t believe that she was in Adrian’s bed after five years of separation when she had left to go to college and he’s stayed back because he had already known what he had wanted to do with his life since high school so he hadn’t gone far for his course.

Adrian and his brother Walter had taken over the the cattle business after their father and they had done well as far as she had seen for the last year she had been back to Wyoming.

Taking her hands and linking their fingers, he moved them above her head and leaned to brush his lips on hers. His hips flexed as he thrust in her, his golden eyes dark with desire, lusty and heavily lidded, while he pushed deeper into me. I lifted my hips and met his thrusts equally.

“You kill me.” He murmured before taking my lips again, this kiss devouring and urgent. One of his hands let go of mine and moved down to my shoulder then to my side and captured my breast, cradling it while his thumb tweaked the nipple that peaked stiffly pouting for his attention. Sensations zinged through my body and I moaned. He knew where to touch, how to touch me just to have me writhing under him. His mouth left a trail of kisses from my lips down my jawline and nipped at my lobe then licked it.

“Adrian please.” I whispered a moan. He smiled on my skin. His tongue darted out and licked at the spot behind my ear, his hips moving slowly in and out of me. He was drawing out the moment and killing me slowly in the process. My skin was hypersensitive from his ministrations. The nipping and licking that he had done before while undressing me, eh had laid me on the bed and just stood by the bedside, looking at me while he had been fully clothed.

His fingers moved to my waist, his thumb rubbing circles. “I don’t want this to end fast, let’s hold on to it for as long as we can.” My back arched into him and my breasts brushed the little hairs on his chest, my sensitive nipples poking his hot skin that was beginning to get slick with sweat. His hand moved to my hips and pushing my leg up, he pushed deeper into me if he hadn’t already been buried deep to his balls. My hand moved up his jaw and speared into his hair; that he kept trimmed but teasing his nape. His other hand move to my waist and I wrapped my legs around him and he started pounding into me faster, harder, our breaths mingled, short and jaggered.

He nipped at my shoulder and grunted. “Let go Dea, come with me.”

It was as if I had been waiting for his request, the feeling started from my pelvis and build, spreading like molten lava. My body tightened and started trembling and with one final thrust I leg go, falling off the cliff, screaming his name as he grunted mine. My body shook with aftershocks from the mind-blowing orgasm, slick with sweat like his. He kept thrusting into me as we came down from the high.

He kissed my lips after lifting off me to rest his weight on his elbows, but my hands remained around him. I liked his warmth around me. He moved to his side and took me with him. I had a glazed smile on my face and I heard him chuckle. I knew we weren’t done or even near that but we needed to catch our breath.

“Ready for round two?” he asked after a while. I had been so content that I had begun toying with taking a nap with his fingers drawing patterns on my back. He moved on his back and I was straddling him.

Smiling down at him I put my hands on his waist and moved to lie on him and murmured on his lips. “Let’s go.”


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