Bondage · Romance · Sexual

Kink and love.

“Tonight you will get your punishment for defying me on Monday.”  Oliver told her as he walked with her to the middle of the club. He was in his Dom persona but she knew a different side of him when they were outside.

Jean could see a huge crowd of people already gathered around a couple who were playing on the St Andrews cross. A woman with long dark hair, had her hands shackled to the top and the top of her body flushed. Her eyes were closed and a moan escaped her. “Don’t come yet.” The Dom said to the woman. The shackles holding her hands captive clanked when she arched as the Dom pulled at the plugs hanging from her breasts. Jean squirmed a little, understanding the woman’s need

“Come on.” Oliver said and took her elbow drawing her to a clearing where only few people gathered. Some were just conversing, gazing intimately towards another or sipping a drink and others running their hands up and down each other’s body, so doing more, not fazed by anyone watching. Oliver took her to the centre of the room. What was planning? There wasn’t a spanking bench or any prop.

“Kneel” he commanded softly.  She was nervous about what Oliver had in store for her not to mention being the centre of all the attention when you were naked and have to follow what her Dom said, but she trusted that he knew how far to push her.

Jean knelt on the small pads provided for her on tiled floor with her hands palms up on her thighs and her head bowed.  She could hear murmurs around as more people began to gather and tensed at the attention.

“Relax” Oliver murmured running his hand up and down her back and she calmed at the gesture. “Raise your head and keep your eyes on me, and only me” He said standing in front of her now, the mellow look gone from his eyes. She saw people on her periphery but kept her gaze on Oliver. She didn’t want to accrue more punishment by disobeying him.

“Raise your body a little and spread your legs a little wider, then raise your hands over your head.” Jean did as told and wondered what Oliver was going to do with her hands when she saw his hands rise and a leather shackle cuffed her wrist-it wasn’t hard to chaff her skin though-then the other. She felt exposed and helpless.

“Don’t close your eyes, Jean.” Oliver reminded her when she was about to do so. Oliver went to a table nearby and returned with nipple clamps. He ran his thumb up and down one nipple then pinched it and she gasped at the pain that slowly lulled into pleasure. A sharp pain followed and she looked down to find a clamp on her nipple.

“Eyes up Jean.” Oliver commanded and her eyes snapped back to his. He did the same with her other nipple, delaying the painful bits until she stopped tensing and smiled at her surprised gasps. He brushed his fingers on her jaw then moved away to the table, returning with a riding crop.

“I want you to count the times the whip connects with your skin out loud and don’t come unless I tell you to.” Oliver commanded, as he walked around her. She was tense, but not from the attention of the gathering but from how good she knew he would make the punishment feel. He had spanked her twice and only used a whip once and she had been surprised how much she enjoyed it. He knew what he was doing and how to do it well.

The first clap of the leather came, landing between her shoulders. He skin zinged with a little pain since she hadn’t expected it, then the feeling became mellow adding to her arousal. The second, the third. She started to squirm, hating that he had demanded she keep her legs apart so she wouldn’t alleviate the need building inside. Her nipples and clit throbbed and she moaned.

“What number is it Jean?” Oliver’s voice boomed through the haze of arousal.

“Eleven” she replied her head thrown back, her back sensitised from his expert whipping. When Oliver kept looking at her she remembered her status.

“Eleven master Oliver” At that his eyes softened a little.

The leather suddenly connected with the top of her breast and she whimpered. The feeling travelled to the blood deprived nipple then to her clit and she swayed needing his fingers or anything there. His fingers plucked at one of the nipple clamps and she closed her eyes. Another clap sounded landing on her other breast and she moaned again. Now in a haze and painful need to come, she rose a little on her knees. Something touched the numb of sensitized nerves between her legs then began moving. Oh God, a butterfly vibrator. She bit her lip so hard to keep form breaking Oliver’s command.

“Come for me jean” Oliver whispered a few seconds later. Her body broke into pieces at that sot command. Her body arched as she moaned, letting go not worried about anyone who was watching.


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