Seducing the vampire.

Alyssa walked past one of the club bouncers—who always looked pissed off when she came to the club with her friends—and resisted the urge to shiver. He was alright as looks went. Brooding, but okay. Inky dark hair resting on his shoulders, dark eyes she’d never closely deciphered what colour they were, sharp cheek bones that made him look like a run way model and dark eye brows that always dipped into his eyes. Slightly pale face and a body that was always hidden in his black attire. Couldn’t he ever smile for once? She wondered as her group wandered inside the noisy club with bodies grinding and music blaring on the speakers.

“I’m going to order us drinks; you guys go find a table.” She yelled to the girls who were already moving to the beat spilling from the speakers.

“Okay.” Laura  said, dragging one of the girls to the left to find a place for all them to perch on when they weren’t dancing but loudly dissecting the throng of guys at the club to see who would be worth  ‘getting with’.

“Could I please get four tequilas and two shots on the side.” She told the bartender who had smiled at her when she leaned on the counter.

“Coming right up.” The bartender said.

She turned to her right where people grinded on each other in illegal ways. Short dresses riding up thighs, male hands on feminine hips and wandering all over the place, backs arching and butts pushed into male pelvis.

She grabbed the tray with their drinks and moved to the table with everyone patiently waiting to the first buzz of tequila.

“Drink up girls; we have stress to burn and a great bartender to take care of the drinks.” Alyssa announced.

“Mmhh I love this, damn that guy knows how to mix drinks.” Kate said after swallowing a sip of her drink.

“Couldn’t agree more. If I could keep him in my house I wouldn’t mind. I could party every night.” Laura replied with a smile.

“And then we would do this catch-up when? We can’t just break up our party group just because you found a great bartender for your place.” Morgan replied.

“True.” Alyssa said.

She looked around the place, a couple or a guy and some woman were going down on the floor, her hands around his neck, back arched and booty on the guys pelvis and the guy sure knew how to move his hips. The music they were dancing to wasn’t helping keep the scene stay PG either.

“Let’s get on the floor. I’m itching to dance.” Kate said, slipping off her seat, already swaying her hips.

They huddled in a group and swayed to the music. Since the first time the four of them had come to this club, they had sworn to never be easy for the guys to dance with, but while at it, they would give them a glimpse of what they could have. Hands in the air, the grinded in a line, hands all over the places and faces animated to complete the experience.

With her hands on Morgan’s shoulders, Alyssa looked up and she met those brooding ones she had seen a while ago when entering the club. The bouncer perched on a corner near the door. Hands crossed on his chest, eyes glued on her and the girls, hips jutting out on one side.

Feeling reckless and driven by that look, she moved her hands down Morgan’s body, and got her to grind into her. It was like a private show for him but she knew other people were watching. Morgan moved down, then rose slowly, her butt along Alyssa’s leg, while Alyssa caressed her body slowly, sending him a come-hither look under her eyelashes.

Damn but the woman could tease a man by doing too much or too little. Logan shifted his hips a little to hide his erection and ground his teeth. He could smell her all the way from where she was on the floor-Honeysuckle, mixed with the light perfume she wore-teasing him with her provocative dancing. Her heart racing fast and he bet her blood would taste just as potent as she looked. He had gotten used to her and her friends coming to the club often but it was her who drew him. For the last four months. He had fed and found no taste in the blood he took.

He wanted to taste her, hold her and tease her like she had been teasing his for last two weeks. Maybe she thought he hadn’t been watching but he couldn’t stay away from the minute she walked though the club doors until she left.

“Are you busy tonight?” Alyssa heard someone ask behind her.

“Why do you want to know?” she asked as she turned to see who had his hands on her waist.

She tensed when she met dark eyes glued to hers. It was him. How had he made it here? She hadn’t been dancing by herself for long. She felt her hands falter where they rested on his chest but his tightened on her waist, making it feel small under his grasp.

“Y…you.” she stuttered.

“I want you.” He said, his eyes not looking anywhere else and she felt her pulse pick up. She hadn’t thought the guy would be interested even after the little show she had put on. “I’ve been looking at you the last few weeks you’ve come here and you’ve been tormenting me silently with your dancing. Why?” he asked moving her closer to him and moving to the music.

“Uh… I didn’t think you’d notice. You’re always so closed off.”

“Not really, just wound up since the day I saw you but didn’t want to freak you out if I made a beeline at once.”

“And what makes today not freaky?” she asked feeling her confidence coming back.
“It was the last straw with that little dance you put on with your friend.” He said one of his hands moving up her back and slipped into her hair.”So are you busy tonight?” he asked again.

“No.” She answered.


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