Angel at your service.

Phyllis’s eyes peeled open slowly. Her head hurt a little, she didn’t move an inch from where she lay. She remembered her left hand hanging at an odd angle, her head bleeding on the side and stinging, clothes ripped, her legs wanting to give out from under her but she had pushed herself to keep running.

She didn’t want to fully open her eyes and realise that she was lying on the ground with her captor nearby, probably waiting to finish her off by inflicting as much pain as he could. Her eyes moved slowly to the sound coming from her right, and she tensed. She was going t die no matter how she had tried to stay alive.

To her surprise, she saw a door, wide to fit four men through, and standing by was a golden, sandy blond haired man with piercing blue eyes, severe facial features, with his hands crossed across his chest looking at her. She didn’t know what to do. Could she even get up let alone start fighting back so she could escape her captor?

Her eyes stayed on his and he didn’t move from where he stood. She didn’t know what to think of that either. Was he one of those people who looked to play with their prey, let them think they were okay then pounce just before they got comfortable?

“I won’t hurt you.” Phyllis heard someone say in her head.

Wait, in her head? She was looking at the guy and she was sure she hadn’t seen him move his lips but she had heard someone say that to her. Her eyes moved from him to look around as much as she could from where she lay without moving any other body part but she didn’t see anyone else in the room or wherever she was.

Se wiggled her toes and she nearly sighed with relieve when she realised that her legs didn’t hurt like she thought they would. She had run, tripped, lost her shoes and kept running not worrying about her feet, her only thoughts had been to stay alive, and now her feet were okay? What was happening? What had happened?

“I found you and brought you here to recover.” A melodious voice said and she turned her eyes to the door where the man still stood and frowned. How had he known that she was wondering what had happened to her? Telepathy? No way. That stuff didn’t exist; they were just stories, unless she had spoken without knowing.

“Then how come I can hear your thoughts?” said the same voice in her head. It sounded like when the man standing by the door had talked to her. But how?

“What the hell?” she said and winced when her throat ached like she had scraped it with a sharp knife.

“Don’t rush yourself; you don’t need to worry about your enemies. They won’t get to you anymore, so take as much time as you need to recover.”

“Where I’m I?” She asked despite the pain in her throat.

“Somewhere safe.” The man replied enigmatically.

He moved from where he perched on the door and started walking to where she lay. For the first time, since she woke up, she tensed her body and felt a soft surface under her. A bed? How long had she been lying here?

“A few hours.” She heard the man say. Her eyes moved towards him again and she felt everything in her stop. All the body parts that had been working to re-orient themselves with life since she wasn’t dead anyway. The man had wings. She blinked once, twice, three times but when she looked at him walking towards her, she still saw the black raven black wings peeking over his wide shoulders and on the sides and under his hands. The deep black made his golden tan stand out, the blue of his eyes, more pronounced.

“An angel.” She whispered.

“Yes.” He said again in that voice she found so soothing.

“But they live in heaven not…not on earth” she stuttered still blinking thinking it was a dream. He smiled and she was awestruck by the look he presented. White teeth, features softened by the gesture and handsome.

“Angels do walk the earth, we just keep it to ourselves and to some who stumble upon us.” He said sitting on the side of the bed. My God. He smelled god. Earth, musky male and something like a faint cologne or something.

“So how did you find me?”

“Your screaming. It was nothing I’ve dealt with for some time, you called to anyone to help and I flew, hoping that you would still be alive when you fell over the cliff.” He said so looking into her eyes, and she was lost in that blue.

“Cliff?” she asked shocked, all she remembered was lying on the ground, bleeding hurting.

“Yes, your attacker thought to finish you off after you lost consciousness and threw over but I caught you before you hit the ground.” He explained.

“Did they see you, whoever they were?”

“Not if I didn’t want to be seen.” he said with an odd smile. “Anyway, don’t worry your pretty head over it, we’ll talk later but focus on recovering although I think yourare good to go.”


“I healed you. You wouldn’t have made it with all that damage but you can stay for as long as you like, ask questions, then we’ll go from there.” he said, and brushed her cheek faintly, warmth seeping into her and she wondered if he was healing her more or it was her reaction to him.

Phyllis didn’t know if she was dreaming or she was being punked, or hallucinating. Would he keep here and force her to comply with his rules or whatever he believed in. She nearly smiled at the irony of the thought.



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