Romance · Sexual

Hesitant she-wolf.

Claire loved running through the woods with the wind blowing on her face, muscles moving under her fur, as she enjoyed her freedom. She had been running for twenty minutes without stopping and she didn’t want to stop any time soon. Her paws dug into the ground as she picked up speed only to be assaulted by smell of another wolf nearby.

She slowed down, her lungs burning but she didn’t mind it, she liked it when it happened, no thinking just running until her body nearly gave out. She lifted her snout into the air and sniffed again just to be sure. There. To the west, coming her way. She walked to the bushes nearby and hid, waiting to see who it was. Hopefully it wasn’t an enemy of her clan. She was three minutes run from her home but she knew running would draw whoever she could smell out there to her place and she didn’t want visitors. Standing still, she sniffed again. The wolf was just a few paces from her. She watched from a gap between leaves and she nearly gasped out loud. Luc Sullivan.

She hadn’t paid much attention to the smell, but now she wished she had, she could have run home by now, shifted, changed and closed the doors.

They had had a thing four years back. A two-night-nothing-serious thing and then she’d bailed on him early in the morning, when she’d found herself wanting to be marked by him, when she was near the guy. She sure as hell hadn’t been ready to settle down and have some cubs at twenty four or now here he was, and she was hiding in the bushes waiting for him to go away.

He had an alpha-was an alpha-build. Huge, brown-grey fur, confident gait—in wolf and human form—and always looked like he was brooding. She’d found it intriguing then, but now she just wasn’t sure if it had been that at all. He stopped and looked towards the bushes she was hiding behind and stared. Could he see her? And anyway what the hell was the guy doing here? The last she’d heard, he was on a mission in another country, and wasn’t due back in a few months—not that’s she was pining or something.

Luc looked behind the bushes and swore he could see a brown-furred wolf hiding there. He’d left his clan yesterday and came south to look for her, because they had unfinished business and the minx had been hiding from him for four years. He’d woken up the second morning of their arrangement or whatever it was and found her gone and he’d vowed to get her back. He was going to mark her, make her his and she was going to have his cubs. He knew she’d wanted it too, but had been scared.

Claire watched as the wolf shifted. Morphing into a golden tanned man, shoulder length inky black hair, broad shoulders, bulging biceps and strong arms, wide chest toned torso narrowing to slim hips and masculine legs, and he wasn’t fazed by his nudity. She sniffed again and nearly moaned out loud. Damn, still smelled good and she sure as hell knew he was sporting a woody.

“Come on out Claire. I know you’re hiding behind the bushes.” He called in that deep voice and she tensed. How did he know where she was?

He turned and looked at the bush she hid behind and she stood still. Not breathing, knowing his hearing could pick her fast breathing. Why was she panicking anyway? She was twenty-eight, confident, went for what she wanted ruthlessly and he was making her nervous? She fumed. She dropped her gaze down his body and clamped her jaws shut. He was stacked and she hadn’t had any in a while.

“I can smell you, you know and I know you want me. You never failed to want me.” He said so sure of himself.

She could run, and head home and look like a coward or shift and face him, which would have less talking and more horizontal action—not that she minded but.

She shifted and walked from behind the bushes towards him. Enjoying how his arousal increased. His nostrils flared, breathed a little faster and he hardened even more.

“Hello Luc.” She greeted casually, her voice husky.

His eyes devoured her, from head to toe and back again. He moved towards her and the next thing she knew, his firm lips were on hers, hands wandering around her naked body. One hand speared into her hair while the other moved to cup her butt. She kissed him hard as he did her. Taking, sipping, ravaging because they were both starved of each other.

His mouth left her lips and kissed down her neck, his teeth scrapping her skin lightly. His hand tugged at her hair moving her head back and his lips captured a nipple in his mouth. Hot and needy. She arched her back and moaned. She hadn’t known how they got on the ground, until she felt him probing at her opening, hot and straining and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He eased into her slowly, his muscles taunt as he strained to ram home, take her savagely, but he moved slowly.

“Damn, you’re tight and hot. Take all of me Claire.” Rasped, fingers pulling at her hair, and she moaned as the little pain became pleasure. He slid all the way in and they both stilled, then he started moving.

She tightened her hold on him, back arched, and let him take her. God she’d missed him. He pistoned into her with rough but sure thrusts and she met him halfway. Her orgasm build, and she ground herself on him, needing the friction and tightened around him. Her fingers dug into is skin and she knew she had punctured the skin, but he’d heal with half an hour.

“That’s it; you’re about to come, be mine Claire, come with me.” He said kissing her collarbone then dropped to her breasts again. She went still, felt him grow bigger inside her and with one thrust she pushed over the edge, she screamed his name, liking the sting just above her breast.

When she came down from the high, still breathing fast, she realised he’d marked, her. Shit. He hadn’t even told her.

“You’re mine now, Claire and no more running away.” Luc growled in her ear.

She’d be damned if she didn’t find being marked by him hot after running form him for four years. She hoped that his clan would accept her with open arms, despite a minor fight, between her brother and a wolf from his clan.


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