happy · Romance

New beginings.

Melanie got out of the taxi carrying three bags and walked to her new house. She was still getting used to idea of freedom and having moved to a new place where she was starting over. A new house, new address, new her, everything new. She was happy here.

Victor kept reminding her that although it would take her a while to get used to the new place and starting over with everything, she had to enjoy it. That was the only way she was going to make memories. She wouldn’t be looking over her shoulder anymore, so letting fear in wasn’t going to help her put one leg in front of the other.

The house he’d bought had four bedrooms not counting the master bedroom, two bathrooms, a spacious living area and a kitchen that had everything anyone could ever want in a kitchen. Victor kept saying he’d gotten it because of the kitchen because he’d known how she loved to cook and he knew she was peaceful when she did. She’d shed tear about that. She hardly remembered her last house’s kitchen where she’d had her head bunged on three times, had a knife meant to end her life shining lifted in the air only to miss her by mere inches and food scattered, when her husband had come home angry and he’d taken it out on her as he’d always done.

Shivering at the memory, she went up into the bedroom and removed the clothes, put them out to be washed and jumped into the shower. Victor had said he’d be a little late but since she’d gotten home late too, she’d have to hurry and make sure to cook them something to eat.

“Melanie.” She heard someone call out as she stepped off the shower. “Honey, are you home?” It was Victor. She was even getting used to having him call out her name when he got home, since her late husband had never done such things other than accuse her of things she hadn’t done and hit her when he got the opportunity.

“Yeah, just drying off.” She popped her head out of the bathroom door and yelled down to him. She’d been tempted to dip into the huge bath tab but the massaging jets of the shower had done a good job.

After putting some lotion on herself, she blow dried her hair then got her bathrobe on and got out. She found him standing at the end of their king size bed with his shirt and pants off and in the process of removing his boxers.

“Victor.” She said, not sure what to say, she was used to him coming home later and he always went for the shower right after kissing her silly, but when she looked at him when he stepped off his boxers she saw a different gleam in his eyes. Yeah she liked the guy in the bedroom. He was phenomenal and liked to experiment and they were still doing that.

He walked towards her and she let go of her bathrobe lapels. “Come here darling.” He crooned engulfing her in his warmth. His lips were warm and the kiss got deeper. His hands slipped under the bathrobe and removed it. They dropped to cup her butt and pressed her to his straining erection. She ground her hips and moaned into the kiss. He pulled one leg up and wound it on his waist.

He dipped a finger inside her and she jerked, she was already wet.

“I need you Melanie.” Victor growled into the kiss as he lifted her and laid her on the bed. She opened herself to him and he climbed between her legs. His hands moved up her legs, following where his eyes had been. She always felt like she was in a trance when he looked at her like this when they made love. He took his time, exploring her body, kissing her scars, murmuring sweet nothings to her that made it so tender and intimate as well as drive her out of her mind. His hands roamed everywhere. He kissed her belly button, then moved up and swiped at the swells of her breasts. Her breath hitched and he hips moved off the bed when he took one nipple into his hot mouth and sucked. His teeth scraped on the tip then he soothed the ache with a swipe with his tongue before doing the same to her other breast.

“Oh Victor.” she moaned writhing, the bed sheet bunched in her fists. Her head thrashed from side to side as he continued his ministrations while his fingers prepared her for him. He kissed the top swells of the breasts and kept moving up, nibbling, licking until he reached her neck where he kissed the sensitive spot he’d discovered. Her back arched off the bed and she ground her hips oh his erection.

She felt him position himself at her entrance, and then he began to move in, slowly, smiling as he tortured her saying she couldn’t come either. She wrapped her legs around him as he began thrusting into her. His thrusts varied, slow and deep then fast and hard. She was straining and hanging by a thread and trying not to come.

“I can’t hold it anymore Victor, I‘m going…” the rest fell off her lips as her body tightened then she let go, tightening around him as he kept thrusting into her before he went still and let go too with a roar of her name filling her ears.

As she lay cuddled to his side, and drawing patterns on his chest, he put his hands under the chin and lifted her eyes to his.

“Melanie I have something to ask of you. I know it’s only been a year since we’ve been together and you’re still recovering and I want to see you fully recovered but I want to be with you even after all that and keep going, so I’m going to ask you. Will you marry me?”

Melanie, just stared at him and blinked, then just stared at him. He wanted to marry her? With all the scars, nightmares and scarred past?

“You want to marry me?” she asked in a small voice.

“Yes. You. Will you?” he said his gaze holding hers captive.

“Yes. Yes I will marry you.” She said then kissed him.

When she let go and gulped in a breath, smiling through the tears, she hugged him not bothering if he could breath or not.
“ I wanted to ask you tomorrow at my parents with everyone there for Christmas but I thought it should be just us. This is really special to both of us.” He said looking at her.

“Oh Victor.” She said and hugged him again.


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