happy · Romance

Marriage and work.

Anthony held Camilla close as they danced to the slow music. She nuzzled closer and sighed in contentment. She had found someone to share her dreams, fears, and joys about life with, despite how she’d thought she’d been all set after landing her job as a designer. They’d met at a party like this one. She’d been out with a friend and having fun then the next thing she’d known, a guy had been trying to talk to her and no matter how much she tried to avoid him, he’d seemed to be on her way.

Yeah, she’d been annoyed. He’d been relentless, she hadn’t been in the stage of life where she needed emotional baggage or commitment—or she’d thought—but he’d pursued her. After a while she’d smiled at him. A thin smile one wouldn’t take for a smile, but he’d eaten it up and maxed it up for her, that three hours later when she’d been ready to leave—that being a friend reminding her of her rules about relationships—she’d left him her number, wanting to see him  again, just for catch-up.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked her as her twirled her around the floor.

She smiled into his chest. “Just remembering that four years ago we were not so friendly when we saw each other.”

Anthony chuckled. “I seem to remember it was you who didn’t want to hear me out but I kept chasing you, until you relented.” He said.

“You never did tell me why you kept on pushing. I mean I wasn’t so pleasant you know.” She said moving to look at his face.

“Because you were a challenge.” He said with a smile. “You thought I was this or that and just dismissed me before you even got to know me and I made it my mission to get you before the night was over and I did get you and when the time came you didn’t want to leave.” He said with that confident look she’d come to associate with him when he’d won something, no matter how little. Man and their egos.

“You think so huh?”

“Don’t I have you in my arms to prove that?” he asked.

She missed these moments, but she wouldn’t trade them for anything less. She loved him and she’d done something huge with him on board from the beginning, and no matter how stretched these moments might be, she still enjoyed it.

Anthony missed this with Millie, but he wouldn’t change a thing about his life right now. He was used to coming home to his favourite women at the end of the day, and he would always smile when he stepped into the living room to find them cozy on the couch waiting for him.

Since the day they’d finalised the adoption papers for their daughter Erica, he’d never been more happier. Millie had visited an orphanage often before she’d met him and introduced him to the odd routine she had when they got to know each other.

when she’d brought up the idea of wanting to adopt the little girl that she’d been caught off guard by and fallen in love with, he’d asked to think about it, and she’d been understanding, but after spending more times with the little blonde girl, with big blue eyes and Millie, he’d made his decision, he’d known that she’d be theirs.

The little girl had won him over with her confidence. She’d liked it when they’d visited the orphanage. She was fun, so full of life, optimistic and beautiful and he’d wanted to give her hope, something hers and permanent. Millie had asked if he was sure and in his life he’d never been sure at doing something other than hen he’d taken the executive position in a big company seven years ago.

He still remembered the day they’d told her that she was coming home with them. Millie had been ecstatic about getting to tell her, but for him it had been emotional. Seeing her cute face as they stood at the court house when everything had been finalised. She’d been a little confused at first since they hadn’t mentioned it to her so as not to disappoint her, but when she’d processed what they told her, she’d smiled so wide that he’d fallen in love again with her. His little girl.

“You’re my new mummy and daddy?” she’d asked in a small voice, big blue eyes hopeful and he’d smiled.

“We’re your family now.” he’d told her, looking at her and waited for her to understand.

She’d looked at him, then at Millie and called him daddy tentatively and he remembers the moment he’d fallen from his squat to his knees as he’d hugged her. He’d cried and laughed when she’d asked why but he couldn’t have expressed how happy he’d been for her, for them. Millie had hugged her for minutes on end and she hadn’t minded.

“Anthony, are you okay? You look a little spaced out.” He heard Millie say. Looking into her eyes, he smiled counting his lucky stars to have met her. To have what he had.

“No baby, I’m right here. I love you” He murmured, and then kissed her.

He loved that his daughter insisted on waiting for him to come home even if it meant sleeping with her mum on the couch, then she’d go to bed. She had started doing that a month after they’d been married. Her face lit up, when she saw him even if her mum had just woke her up. Sometimes he would snuggle up with them on the couch but he loved the fact that they waited for him.

Sometimes Erica snuck into their room in the middle of the night, but he took it all in his stride, they were a family and if she was scared and wanted to sleep with them so the monsters didn’t get her, he didn’t care. If going out was a little rare so what? He still had them.

Millie had just told him two weeks ago, she was about four months pregnant and he couldn’t help the ecstatic feeling all over again.


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