Romance · Sexual

Love and Lust

A lover gazes with love.

   A stray partner’s is filled with dazed lust that easily withers.

A lover’s touch is but a caress, touching more than just the skin.

 A passing partner’s is to momentarily make you forget, not remembered and treasured.

A lover does all with the heart.

 A moment’s partner is all but going through the mechanisms, before moving on to greener pastures.

A lover gazes with admiration of a preserved treasure finally at its resting place,

 But a lusty bestowed quickly has only immediate heat.

A lover’s embrace brings comfort,

 A passing partner will only pause to rest, before reasons to forget invades the mind.

Someone in love longs basks in the aftermath, content.

 A quick tumble in bed only is there to quench a temporary thirst.

Lust may be used to manipulate and cloud a motive

 But love is true and laid bare for the taker to decide its quest.


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