Betrayal is like having your skin sliced with a hot metal on the inside.

 As the truth sinks in,

A bitter taste settles at the back of the throat, thorny.

Your heart skips a beat then your ears fill with a roaring noise.

   Your face droops and blanks with hurt. Feelings scattered, you only stare.

Someone you called a friend watches with calculating eyes, no trace of recognition left.

Your body feels numb; the shell that of your body you’d filled with friendship now empty.

Not wanting to seem defeated just caught off guard,

  You curse the lost strength all over, heightened by the tips of your ears pinching.

 Your eyes stinging and your nose feeling like a pin has been shoved up mercilessly,

  Your mind grapples to connect the dots, only making your enemy grow taller by the minute.

It dawns. You were wrong to trust so easily, but took too long to realise.

 Your body gets itchy like you’re sweating, but the pores fail to open.

 It’s as if you’re being punished. You shouldn’t be, but don’t you deserve it?

Disappointed in yourself and not wanting to shudder with loathing, you grind you teeth.

Your enemy’s dark intentions all along have come to light,

Frozen, you feel a black vein slowly smother you. It was the first time in a long time to trust.

 Your chest shrivelled, breathing forgotten, suddenly tightens begging for a gulp of air

Your throat dry, constricts, making your eyes water. Effortless things now need direction.

   You blink and will your body to work as usual,

Your throat’s like a sand paper as you try to swallow.

A pathetic whimper escapes the abused confines of your throat sounding like a wounded animal.

Trust you’d formed and sworn to never take for granted soon dies.

 Mourning your friendship, you shed a tear.

The part of your heart you shared with them peels slowly,

 As the tear leaves a warm trail down your cheek, you’re reminded of what you had.

What will you do? Leave without a backward look? Believing you made a mistake?


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