Like a rare shell found by the shore,

 The awed face tells all about the luck of encountering such a jewel missed by many.

The first smile, the first shy admission.

 Discovering trust.

That first secret is the first clear recognition of what flavour lies in the crust too.

Closing your eyes and slowly opening them, believing they’ll still be there.

   You got lucky.

 Moments spend gazing up and silently dreaming.

  No words just understanding each other.

Like shifting in a seat to see if you really fit and biting your lip because it’s true.

 It’s so breathtaking and satisfying.

The openings of the gate with no fear of letting it swing wide,

Because they’ll know what to do.

The first letter or message to see if you get a similar reply and squealing high,

 Because it’s true you’ve trusted and fate has marked you worthy.

The reunion that you never saw coming, but arrives by a chariot and you nearly weep.

 The long conversations into the night and silent understandings,

  You learn to appreciate the treasure the friend you’ve found.

I’m lucky I have found a best friend.


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