Romance · Sexual


I sit here remembering the time we spent together.

Sneaking glances at dinner.

Lips twitching now and then.

I remember your hands on my skin.

So gentle. Lulling and coaxing me to euphoria with their masterful workings.

Your eyes that spoke volumes, of the contentment we felt.

You understood me and I you.

Your desires and wants.

I did love your kisses. So gentle, taking, grateful and awed.

Yes, we merged in many ways and I haven’t forgotten.

I clung to you like a vine not wanting to share you. L

Longing for time to stop and keep us there.

I listened to the beat of your heart when you soothed my worries, reminding me of how much you cared.

Our bodies twined, slicked with sweat, sated and dazed, smiles on our faces as we thought we defied fate.

We dreamed and whispered; confident we would be one forever.

Laughing, carefree, because we had each other.

Your tenderness as you kissed that lone tear, your thumbs wiping the rest, our hearts breaking together.

My shaking hand cupping your jaw as we gazed at each other, your eyes fluttering closed with understanding.

Silent, strong and sure.

I still feel the whisper of your breath on my nape, and my heart beats fast.

Those words, secret and memorable,


Beats to our love.


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