Love on train.

I sat in my seat and just watched you.

Yes, I was hiding, but my sunglasses gave me a chance to look at you.

I admired your hair.

Soft, silky dark brown, hues shining when they caught in the sun, not too short.

I wanted to run my fingers through it.

Oh, your eyes, I gazed too long, they were caramel, long lashes. You felt my eyes on you, looked, then looked away.

Nice small nose and I admit I did stare at your lips. Pink, plumb and inviting.

You swiped you tongue on the bottom one, thinking and I swallowed.

Your short prickly beard, just the right length to get a lady day dreaming about.

Mhh you hands, so big, veiny, capable. You were scrolling down on your phone. Probably checking Facebook at the end of the day.

I think your neon green top and blue pants contributed to my unholy thoughts. A traidie.

I smiled a little when you leaned forward, your eyes glued to phone, frowning and exhaled. What did you see?

I did fall in love.

It was only forty minutes of my ride, but I’m grateful I met you.


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