sad · words


‘I told you not to hang out on this side of the school Jewell’, a girl from the school leading clique said.

I know my clothes aren’t flashy like theirs.

Sometimes my hair may not be combed.

My siblings demand my time in the morning,

Mum is usually too drunk to wake up and dress them.

They always have lunch money.

I bring my own food.

Some days there’s none to bring.

‘What the hell is that? Yuck!’ One of the girls exclaimed.

I can’t be picky.

We cook whatever we have and share and make sure we have food for school.

They’re always on their new phones, whispering, giggling.

It’s as if the world was made to have only them in it.

‘We could invite you to the sleepover, but I don’t want to sleep worrying about someone stealing my designer stuff’, one of the girls sitting in front of me in class turned and said that.

I really don’t care about these designer clothes they seem to worship.

I come to school to learn, although I spend more time sitting by the corner, far away from everyone.

Most of the time I can’t remember what the teacher taught,

I wish one person here would say hello to me.

Two girls sitting across from me in class huddle, whisper then giggle looking at me.

Maybe I would be better off going to back my previous school.

 But we moved.

‘Who do you think you are?’ A girl asked me last week during break time.

I’ve never felt so isolated.

So unwanted


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