happy · Romance

Bear meets girl.

Grey watched, as Carmella prowled the field in her cheetah form, her golden spotty coat flashing above the grass. She had an arrogant air about her. Even in animal form, she gave him ridiculous hard-on. He watched the way her shoulder blades moved up and down with her head in the air and grunted. She stopped, sniffed the air, turned around and focused on him. He was a grizzly bear shifter, mostly calm and liked to mind his business, but she just had a way of stirring him.

“Damn her,” he murmured to himself and hoped his cousin’s sensitive ears didn’t catch that.

He didn’t break eye contact. He liked the way her spotty tail twitched. She turned her head-in that way she did when she was in human form and flipped her hair-and started walking again. What was she doing at reserve anyway? He’d heard she was still in Australia working and avoiding her family.


Carmella walked into the club, full of shifters and oblivious humans and smiled. Time to go hunting she thought. She knew Grey would be around. Yeah the slow talking and quiet bear wasn’t going to get her on a silver platter if he wanted her. Dodging each other and pretending not to be interested in each other had started when they’d met in college and five years later, they were still walking around each other.

Flipping her long brunette mane, she sauntered over to the bar. She felt a wolf sitting near her sniff the air. He better not lean in, she thought and ordered her drink. Wolf shifters were cocky in this part of town, but she hated the sniffing they seem to like doing the most. She turned her golden gaze to her right and met a blue one of a black haired guy, who seemed to have a short beard that complemented his facial features and not the other way round.

Before he could say something, she turned towards the bartender who’d placed her drink on the counter, took her margarita and sipped. With the glass still in hand, she swivelled around, loving the faint inhaling she heard from her right when her short dress lifted a little, and looked around the packed dance floor. The music could get annoyingly loud for shifters, but she was here for a purpose. The bear had to be somewhere around here. A girl walked to the bar and stood in front of the wolf sitting beside Carmella and pulled him towards the dance floor. Guess he was lucky tonight. She crossed her legs and sipped her drink, still looking.

Her eyes connected with the dark ones of a huge burly handsome guy standing near the club’s entrance door with his hands in his pockets, looking pissed off at being at the club no doubt and smiled. Grey hated chaos, but she knew he’d come tonight after that show she’d put on early today and left him in unsatisfied agony.

“What a guy will do to get you.” She murmured and smiled behind her glass while eyeing him over her drink.

His eyes narrowed, and his hunched posture straightened. She swivelled around and faced the busy bartender and put her drink down. Her man better be coming to get her. She was sick of dancing with random guys every night.

“Had enough?” someone asked behind her.

Carmella inhaled, catching the woodsy smell combined with an after shave Grey used and nearly purred. She looked at him from under her eye lashes over her shoulder and smiled.

“What do you think?” she asked in low tones.

His hands on her waist, he spun her around and stood between her legs; his six feet six towering over her, “I’m tired of games.” He growled, sending goose bumps all over her and a shiver down her spine.

She arched a waxed eyebrow at that, tipping her head higher and parted her lips just a little, to emphasise her shock.

“Fuck Millie, stop it.” He growled. Her nick name sounded like sin rolling off his tongue.

She bend her hands and pushed them back on the counter behind her and looked at Grey. ‘Stop what?” she asked innocently.

“Teasing me, you’ve been doing it for years.”

“Haven’t seen you do a thing about it.” She purred and watched the shiver run through him.

“I’m staking my claim tonight, no other guys will be allowed to touch you from now on.” He stated.

Smiling at the sweetness of that statement, she went on. “In case you haven’t realised, we aren’t mated yet, so you can’t say that and hope it proves something.”

He pulled her to him, making her aware of how turned on he was and leaned in, “I’ll take care of that soon enough if you’re done.” He growled only for her ears.

“I just got here.” She said, stalling.

“And I want you in my bed dancing to a different tune, so stop stalling and get moving Millie.”

That was more like it. Her grizzly was finally staking his claim. She landed a quick kiss on his pink kissable lips and heard him inhale.

She paid for her drink, took her clutch and walked with her man out of the club. Guess a guy just needed a little push to get things going, she thought with a smile.


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