The oblivious jackal-wild dog hybrid.

“I never knew cats tolerated wolves.” Jade said to her interesting wolf ‘friend’ and sipped her lemonade.

His eyebrows rose in mock shock, “What makes you say that?” he asked in that relaxed tone she liked.

“Because they are cats and wolves are canines, you know how that story goes.”

“Do tell because I must have missed it when I was growing up and ended up with the cats hanging out with me on a daily basis.”

She snorted. “Even that’s pushing it”

He’d served in the army with a few lions who’d become best of friends-hence why he was invited to this dinner-and this pride somehow seemed to like some wolves and other shifters too. She still didn’t know how her friends had convinced her to bring them along, when she’d told them Nate had invited her.

“The Hudson pride loves and adore me.” He said with that goofy smile of his. She bumped her shoulder against his.

“Yeah, yeah you go on thinking that.” She shook her head and cut into her delicious steak. “Elliot seems to love getting into pissing matches with you on a daily basis though.”

He shrugged, “Elliot is an exception.”

She felt eyes on her. She looked at her friends sitting at the other side of the table and wished she hadn’t. Ugh! One of her best friends Ronita was grinning at her, then she winked. Friggin’ Winked!

She felt Nate’s thigh brush against hers under the table, and hoped her sharp inhale had been quiet. Yeah so they had a thing for each other, or she had a thing for him but they preferred being friends than letting a tumble between the sheets to ruin it.

“Why are your friends grinning at you?” Nate’s breath on her neck had her sitting up straight.

“I don’t know, they’re a little weird, you now canines Jackal especially.” She said glaring at Ronita who looked at Marley and hey both send Jade a knowing look.

She wasn’t going to break her friendship with her good looking wolf, just because the two idiots kept telling her she should take her chance and sample to see if he’s as good as some women said.

“You’re part jackal and you seem normal to me.” He said casually and took a bite of his rare steak he’d cut.

Yeah, she was normal- as any wild dog jackal hybrid could get-but she wondered what he would think if he ever got inside her head and saw all those naughty thoughts and images she had of him and her. Doing things. A result of having her stupid friends around; who just loved to tell her how good being mated was. Marley was a wolf and mated to an alpha and loved divulging her explicit secrets to Jade and Ronita just to push her.

Their teasing wasn’t helping and of late and her needs were mounting.

She felt annoyed. How had she let them get to her again? They were supposed to be having dinner with the lions and tigers that Nate hang out with, not start making her want to do things to the unsuspecting wolf beside her.

“I don’t know about you, but I never knew someone to get turned on and be scowling at the same time.” Nate’s voice suddenly broke into her thoughts.

Jade’s head snapped towards him. What? She wasn’t turned on. She was giving her friends the evil eye, but turned on?

“I think you have the wrong girl.”

“Oh no, I can smell how aroused you are,” she started to shake her head “and I know it’s you.” He turned to cut his steak, then looked at her. “Now sweet Jade, what thoughts do you have running through that pretty head of yours?” he asked after chewing his meat.

She swallowed. Blinked. Pretty head? He’d called her a few names but never pretty.

“I’m just not pleased by what those two idiots over there are insinuating.” She gritted through clenched teeth.

“Which is?” pausing his mauling of the great stake on his plate, he put his knife and fork down and looked at her.

God, he was divine. Amber eyes, black hair that touched the collar of his black blazer and he smelled so good. She couldn’t look at his lips or the rest of his face. She didn’t know if she was strong enough not to do something silly right now. No, no way. But couldn’t she have a taste? Just one and hope it wouldn’t ruin their friendship? She shook her head to clear the thoughts,

“Why but Jade I think you want to devour me.” He murmured.

“Huh?” she blinked.

“The look on your face, it says it all,” he said with a sensual smile. “To be honest I was wondering how long you were going to pretend you didn’t want me.” He whispered only for her ears.

That had her looking at him. She really looked at him. He smiled. A slow smile, which had his dimple forming on his left cheek and Jade felt warm things flow inside her. She wanted to straddle him right there and kiss him senseless. Pull his blazer and shirt off and get her hand on his skin, feel the muscles under her palms. She wanted to kiss him everywhere. Drive him crazy like he was riving her crazy even without knowing it. She shook hear head again. The wolf had wanted her all along? His hand touched her thigh under the table and she jerked.

“Keep it down or else everyone will know what were up to.” He said as if they had been tumbling between the sheets for God knows how long.

“But we aren’t doing anything.”

He just looked at her. She saw desire  burning in those amber eyes. How come she hadn’t seen anything before? She licked her lips and tried to swallow. Her throat was so dry.

“Yet.” He leaned in and nuzzled her neck. “You just take your time little hybrid, I’ll be here waiting.”

She didn’t know what to do about Nate’s words. Oh she wanted him, but this was a bad idea.

“Don’t over think it, just know when you want to finally get to that tumble you’ve been holding back on, I’ll be here and Jade.” she halted her movements to take her spoon and continue or try to continued eating and looked at him “it’s ill be for the long haul.”

He wanted to mate her? She took her lemonade and took a huge gulp. Seems she’d been a little oblivious. But damn she couldn’t wait to get the wolf alone. Those fantasies of hers were going to come true after all. She avoided her best friends eyes that she could fee burning holes through her.


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