Romance · Sexual

Lion in my bed.

Darius, half naked leaned on the door frame with his hands crossed on his chest and looked at Scarlet.

“Do I have to call you over or are you going to stand there and deny my needs?” she asked, slipping her small panties off and stepped out of them.

She saw him inhale, no doubt drawing in her scent. The lion shifter’s golden eyes narrowed and he pushed off the door frame. Scarlet—a tigress— stood waiting impatiently. His hands went to the waist band of his jeans—worn jeans that she loved on him—and pulled the zipper down.

guy in jeans

Stepping over the discarded piece of clothing along with his underwear, he walked to where she now sat at the side of the bed, in all his golden tan and rippling muscles glory and pulled her to him. She caught a glimpse of how aroused he was as he pulled her upright.

His hand held the back of her head, he leaned in and his lips took hers. His tongue slipped past her lips seeking hers, which eagerly came out to play. His other hand moved down to her hips and pulled her to him tightly. She felt and heard his growl as her deepened the kiss, his tongue thrusting in her mouth as his cock would in her core. Her hands now around his neck as she angled her head, his hand that had been holding her head moved to her waist and he hoisted her up.

Scarlet wrapped her legs around his torso and rolled her hips slowly over his straining cock, liking the way her snarled at her, his fingers digging into her flesh.

“You ever stop playing rough?” he growled as he turned and walked to the wall near where he’d been standing.

To answer his question, she dug her fingers into his mane or sun kissed golden hair and pulled, something she knew he liked—well the feline in him. Her back on the wall, he moved his mouth to her chest and took one straining nipple into his mouth. His hand guided his straining cock into her core and without warning; he thrust into her with one shove.

She strained and arched her back off the wall, her claws digging into his shoulders muscles as she adjusted to his size and heard him grunt. He stilled, his attention on her breasts until she began to squirm looking for friction to get things going.

One of his hands looped around her waist, his other pushed her leg higher and angled her before he began thrusting into her. He started off with long slow strokes that had her moaning not caring who heard until she started snarling at him, because she knew what he was doing. She met him halfway. As his thrusts became deeper, fast and harder. Her heels digging into his back, she ground into his pelvis. Her core muscles gripped him, not wanting to let go when her pulled out only to thrust back. Touching that spot that drove her crazy. His teeth nipped at her nipple before his tongue soothed the bite, he did that to the other. The sensation travelled down to her core. She could feel it. she was near.

He ground his pelvis in her clit, thrust again and again.

“Oh.” she chocked between a moan.

“Stop holding off, let go.” Darius said before his teeth grazed the space between her shoulder and neck where he’d bitten to mark her making her forget her little plan.

Her body tensed and with one more thrust, she split with a roar and fell off the cliff. Shuddering and milking his cock to the last squirt, she felt him left go, he kept thrusting into her and she held on until she felt him drop his head on her shoulder.Both panting, her back on the wall now, Scarlet opened her eyes and nearly purred. Now that’s what she called an appetiser.

“Ready for next round?” her mate asked as he nibbled her neck and walked them to the king sized bed.

She landed on her back, since he threw her and laughed. He never handled her with care like full-humans would. She rose to her knees and looked at him as he tore a condom and sheathed himself. Moving back until she rested on the headboard. She didn’t know why he bothered with that. He’d just taken her without wearing one a few minutes ago.

A primed and needy lion pounced on her and pulled at her legs until the backs of her thighs rested on his. He lifted her lower body off the bed leaving only her shoulders and head on the bed. She knew he liked the feel of danger, knowing she had nowhere to go and he wasn’t letting her.

He flipped her on her stomach and pulled her hips until the backs of her things touched his muscled ones now that he was kneeling and pushed her legs apart. His hands moved up her body, his nose following a line on her spine. She shivered at that. Her core wept, wanting him back there. He took her breasts in his big hands and pinched her nipples sending more sensations downwards drawing a moan out of her. He growled, then his rough tongue licked at the place between her shoulders. She moaned again her hands shaking a little.

She shook with anticipation, she hated/loved when he did this but God, she couldn’t hold on for long, she wanted him inside her.

His torso covering her back, his left hand joined hers on the mattress and linked their fingers. She felt him guide his cock to her entrance and pushed inside. His other hand took hers now and held her there as he mounted her, pistoning inside her with rough strokes that had her arching her back. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh, echoing in the room.

He moved back, held her hips and pulled her back as he thrust in and out, in and out. Scarlet tried and failed to not let her claws out and her body started the climb to another good orgasm. He knew where to hit. Her back bowed, she pushed back at Darius and clenched her core muscles. She felt him grow thicker inside her, his hands now holding her hips, she felt his claws on her flesh.

One of his hands let go and moved to rub the little nub of nerves. She felt her legs tense, her core getting wetter and with one powerful thrust, Darius sent her keening in an orgasm that had her toes curling. She kept coming as he went on thrusting, her claws damaging the duvet but who cared. With a fast rough thrust, he tensed then let go with a roar. As her tremors subdued while to trying to get her breathing under control, she felt him fall on her back pushing them into the abused bed.

It was going to be a long night.

Scarlet smiled at that as she lay engulfed by her mate’s unmoving warmth


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