I sat on the couch, like she’d instructed,

lounged and waited for her to dazzle me.

Eyes on me,

She turned in a circle then faced me.

Black coat zipper dropped slowly and slithered to the floor,

Bold eyes still on mine,

She took the straps of her dress by her thumbs and pulled them from her shoulders.

I tried my best not to squirm to accommodate my rising desire.

It was her moment to shine, I would let her.

The dress dropped from her bosom,

Revealing two pert plum breasts nestled in a bra.

down it went,

brown skin was revealed,

soft, alluring, tempting.

Her curves emerged as the dress lowered.

Curved hips. Feminine. Thighs that I wanted to hug as I moved up slowly.

Worshiping her beauty.

The dress fell to the floor,

Now she stood in front of me in black lingerie.

Thighs parted, on stilettos.

Her beautiful silhouette mine to worship with my eyes as she teased me.

Hands caressing her smooth skin, moved to remove her bra.

My eyes, captivated followed their path.

The clasp snapped.


6 thoughts on “Strip.

  1. Such an empowering write! I found myself going back and forth between the perceived feelings of the two and it was a roller-coaster ride. I, myself, is/was/has been absolutely terrified in those moments where I’m supposed to play sexy and take off my clothes… Again, this – to me – was an empowering write! And HOT!

    1. Thank you. I didn’t know how to do it from both pov but it felt good. And yes you aren’t the only one who has felt terrified. Me too. 🙂

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