Romance · Sexual

College, girls and studies.

“Oh my…oh…” Carlene managed to get out as Dean pounded into her. Her hands gripped his shoulders and her legs pressed tighter around his waist her heels digging on his butt. He grunted. His face buried between her shoulder and neck his lips brushed her neck then his teeth bit the skin on the hollow of her neck. Her back arched off the bed, as sensations skittered all over her sensitive body.

“You feel so good.” He managed between laboured breathing just like her. He pushed her leg up and pushed into her at a different angle. Carlene’s eyes crossed. She felt her body tense. Oh gosh she was so close. “Come” Dean said his mouth moving down towards her chest. Oh God she was so sensitive all over.

She moved her hands from around his shoulders and took his face. “I want to come with you.” She said and followed the words with a kiss, their teeth clashing in the frenzy of sweaty bodies and his body moving over her. His hand let go of her leg and moved under her, arching her back even more. His thumb brushed under her breast then her nipple. Her toes curled a little. As his mouth sucked on her other nipple, he pounded into her faster.

Carlene crushed over the edge, moaning loud and not caring that the people next door might hear. Eyes closed and fingers digging into Dean’s flesh he kept going until she felt him tense, grunted and stilled as he came. Exhausted she lay under him, their bodies slicked with sweat and soon, Dean dropped on top of her.

It took a while until they had their breathing under control. Dean pushed himself off her went to take care of the condom while she rolled off to lie on her side. He joined her in bed and put his hand on her waist. She was so sleepy. Yeah some people might say you didn’t sleep right away after sex, but combined with staying up last night to study and the new cheerleading routine their captain wanted to practice this morning, she was exhausted.

“I missed you last night.” Dean said nuzzling her neck while they spooned.

“Me too but I was studying.”

“Mm-h” he said before she felt her eyes start to close and drifted to sleep.


Two years later.

“Seriously Dean, how the hell do you do it?” James asked him as they sat in the library studying for an upcoming test.

“You get chicks, sleep with them and when you want out you leave. I hate it when they get clingy.”

James turned to look at him, “how do you get the clingy one’s to leave you alone? I had that happen to me and it took months to get off my back.”

“You tell her straight away. Yeah she’s totally gonna hate you and tell her friends that you are horrible but I just tell them.” He said with a smile.

“Only you can pull that off, most guys I know sleep with cheerleaders or date girls the other hot chicks for a while and brake up with them by making them jealous.”

Dean looked at his friend, “If I do that, then I’m gonna be the guy they’ll be talking about in their dorms and plotting how to screw me up. You have to be smart, date them or don’t or sleep with them then leave before things get serious bro.” He punched his friends shoulder.

“I’m sure I’m safe just dating one girl.”

“That’s you. I’m not ready to settle for one chick yet, so if I can study and have fun on the side, then why not?”

James looked at him and shook his head. “You’re a man-whore or going to be.”

“Nope, I’ve only slept with…” Dean trailed off as he counted in his head. Oh shit sixteen or eighteen from their campus. Nah, that didn’t make him a man-whore.

“How many?” James asked.

“Uh… I think ten from campus, but that’s not bad, there are guys around the world who have slept with over a hundred women.”

“Are you sure you aren’t fudging numbers?”

Dean frowned at his friend. “No.”


“What the hell? Yeah, about ten. What’s the big deal?”


Silvia from their history class passed by their table and smiled at them. Dean smiled back.

“I guess by that look you just gave her you haven’t slept with her?”

Dean leaned back on his chair, “Nope.”

“But you’re going to.”

“Don’t know.”

His friend’s eyebrows rose at that.

“I’m not that bad,” he leaned in and whispered “I even get some chicks chocolate before we go our separate ways.”

James stared at him.


“Just trying to picture you getting chocolate for a chick when you want to dump or leave her because you’ve got new booty or got tired.”

“That’s offensive coming from you.” Dean said leaning back in his chair.

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t know you did that it’s just taking me a while to process.” James defended.

“Fine, but I’m still going to hold it against you not having faith in me.”

James snorted at that.

“Hey baby.” James’s girlfriend Jessica greeted him and put her books on the table and leaned in to kiss his lips.

“Hey, yourself.”


“Hey Jess.”

She sat on the table near James and turned to look at them. “So what are you guys studying for?”

“History.” James said.

“Or discussing Dean’s sex-capades.” She remarked.

At that Dean looked at his friend who looked away. “Seriously you talk about me with your girlfriend?”

“Come on Dean, most girls on Campus know about your reputation.” Jessica said.

“But do you guys discuss me when I’m not around?” he felt the need to ask.

“NO.” James said quickly

“Yes” Jessica said.

Dean gaped at them. “Unbelievable! What do you discuss?”

“Just your bedroom stuff and make bets.” Jessica said.

Dean again, looked at his friend and gaped.

“It was only once and besides you didn’t date her. I swear it’s not as bad as you think.”

“Yes it does.”

Jessica rolled her eyes at that. “You’re so dramatic, girls talk about you all the time.” She leaned towards him. “Is it true that you buy some girls chocolates before you dump or leave them?”

Dean looked at the shelves.

“Om my God, it’s true. I thought they were joking. Awww that’s so sweet.”

Dean slid down his seat feeling embarrassed. “Doesn’t change the fact that you discuss my business when I’m not around.” He grumbled.

“Oh please.” Jessica said.


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