Low tech.

Technology wasn’t always there.

We now call, email, see and listen to things that have gone on miles and miles from us.

What if it wasn’t there?

We’d still write.





Seduce the paper with the fragrance of the ink as we scribbled.

Happy to let the other person across the world know how we are doing.

We’d still see pictures.



The process would be slow like it used to be.

Emphasising the energy that someone put into doing something before deeming it finished.

There would be more intimacy in the little things we send away.



cheers when the news stared back at us on paper.

That signature,

the print of a kiss at the bottom of a letter,

the smell of the timber and rough surface the words were written on.

Low technology would keep the suspense that has gone from our world in this era.


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