Bondage · Romance · Sexual


Here I am.

Hands cuffed and stretched in front of me.

My body draped over the table

Butt exposed to him

His gaze heating my sensitive skin.

“You know why I have to punish you.” He says.

He walks around me.

Prolonging the moment.

His fingers trail up my right arm, then the left.

Down my exposed back.

I moan and squirm under his touch.

He palms one of my butt cheek,

Rubs it then the other.

My breasts tingle.

Suddenly a slap lands on one cheek.

The pain slowly dissolving into pleasure and I moan.

He rubs the hot spot, then a slap lands on the other cheek.

My nipples already pointy scrape on the table under me.

He rubs. Slap. Rub. Slap.

He drives me to the brink with his masterfull hands.

Now rubbing on the table to get off he stops.

“Don’t unless I tell you to” he says.

His breathing hard but somehow controlled.



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