Happy for you.

Goodbye’s are a sad time.

I knew you had to go.

It was the right thing.

I didn’t want you to go though.

If I had my way I could have shackled you to the bed or seat, so you’d stay.

Bags packed,

Standing ready,

We took a family picture.

Smiles on all faces.

Most of us were weeping inside.

If we cried you’d have wanted to stay.

“Change is good.”

I chanted the mantra in my head.

Hands tight around your neck, I squeezed until you nearly stopped breathing and pulled back.

The tears and started.

With a wobbly smile on,

I let everyone else hug you and then the car was there,

To take you away.




We wished you good luck.

There was so much ahead of you and we had to support you.

I hate goodbyes.


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