The letter.

She says she’ll keep in touch.

She’s overseas.

Her mum can’t rush over and fret about something.

We have to trust she’ll keep her word.

No calls.

No emails.

No voicemails.

Nothing has told us how she’s doing.

Is she in trouble?

Has she lost her cell phone and ran out of money?

Is she sleeping well?

The questions swirl in our heads.

‘Mum, there’s a letter.’ Somebody says.

A letter?

We get letters all the time.

Companies telling you when the bill is to be paid.

Why are raving about a letter.

‘Open it.’ Somebody else says.


Anticipation filling the room.

‘Well what does it say?’ Someone asks.

A laugh.

Grumbles greet the laugh.


“Layla, says she’s doing well and she send a letter because it made her feel like a tourist and away from home.” The one holding the letter says.

Releived sighs.

Some drop on the nearby chairs.

Its all they’ve been waiting for.

This is how it felt before technology came.

The tense emotions.








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