“Did you know your handwriting says something about you?”
She just looked at me.
“Your letters are tiny.”
“What does that mean?
“It means you’re a shy person.”
She blinked at that. “I have tons of confidence.”
“Then we’ll have to make your letters bigger. Hold your pen well so it’s neater.”
“I like holding it like this.”
“I know, but when you grow older and you still write badly it’ll show that you have a careless personality.”
“I’m not careless.”
“Then let’s tweak the letters.”
“What about slopped handwriting?”
“It means that you’re caring.”
“I care about things. Does that mean you care because yours is slopped?”
I smile.
“What about really bad handwriting that is all over the place.”
“It means your mind is scattered.”
“But I like my small handwriting.”
” I know, it means you take your time and work hard. I know you do.”
“So I don’t have to change it.”
“No, but put a little more energy into it so the letters don’t look weak.”
“Does spacing matter?”
“Oh yes.” I smile.
“Your kind of spacing means your laid back but remember when you used to have very little spacing between letters?”
“That meant you were the kind of person who likes to be around others but I know you. You like to be around your friends but not centre of attention.”
She blushes.
“I guess.”


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