Dear Cyberbully

True and inspiring.

Pooky's Poems

When you write those words
That hurt and maim
And mean I’ll never feel the same,
You forget that I am real.
You forget that I can feel.
Because you sit,
Protected by the force field of your PC,
That gives you magic powers
To say what you want,
To who you want,
Whenever you want.
You do not stop,
For a single moment,
To consider how those words
Will feel to those who read them,
Internalise them,
Feel them with every part of their being.
You shoot words off into cyberspace,
Oblivious of your power.
But you’re here,
In my bedroom,
Whilst I try to sleep.
I’m bullied all day,
And thanks to Facebook,
When night falls,
The bullies don’t go away.
Whilst you idle on your iPad,
I cry.
Tears that burn my face.
Whilst I hope tomorrow never comes.


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