happy · sad


Happy ones.

Sad ones.

Angry ones.

When a girl gets married her mother cries.

When news of a new job come in you cry.

Watching your child take their first footsteps you cry.

The first day your child goes to school or they move out, you cry.

News about someone’s passing makes you cry.

A friend confides in you about a tragedy, you cry with them.

When a child is born you cry.

When that boy or man you loved so much tells you he’s sorry he doesn’t see you two making it in the future you cry.

When you see the one thing you’ve always wanted to you cry.

You watch the first romantic movie and cry.

Tears, hours spend shedding tears.

What would happen if we didn’t cry?

How do we see the people who experience the same thing and stay dry eyed?




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