You won’t get to that point you’re looking at without moving.
You won’t achieve that goal without doing something.
You won’t get the groceries from the shop without moving.
You won’t be happy without doing something about it.
You won’t change if you don’t try.
You won’t see what’s behind that curtain if you just sit there.
You won’t know what it means to be active if you just give up.
You won’t reach the tip of you problems without effort.
Effort will get you noticed.
Effort will make you proud of yourself.
Effort will take you places you never imagined.
Effort will bring you happiness you denied yourself with doubts.
Effort will get you to see the better in life.
Effort will make you want to prove you are able.
Nothing will be done without effort.
Even online shopping needs you to turn on the computer.
Even looking at the other side needs you to turn your head.
Even noticing needs your effort to pay attention.
Even realising needs attention.
Effort is everything.
Effort makes today better than yesterday.
Effort allows for a chance to dream.
Effort pushes you to be better than you thought you were.


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