sad · words

Yellows and orange.

We’ll either meet our end soon or all go together.

It’ll be a brutal ending.

So much pain,

So much hate,

So much destriction.

It’ll be everyone for themselves.

Blinded by rage

Deluded by vengence

We’ll all drown in doom.

The tides of fire swirling.

Orange yellows.

Angry tongues wanting their pound of flesh



What we’ve created consuming us.

Most will see the coming firery horizon

Unable to escape.

We’ll perish.

The earth wanting to be rid of us for what we’ve become.

The inevitable is coming,

What we’ve created,

An angry beast,

Pretty orange and yellows will be the end of us.

Fire will burn and all evil that has slithered into the world.

Clensing it.

We had our chance and trambled it.



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