happy · Romance

First meet.

From your style of entrance.

Slow and confident.

Chin up.

I was in a trance.

Then you smiled.

I was hit by how incredible it was.

I didn’t know how you got to standing in front of me.

I was still under the spell of your glowing smile.

I liked your dimples.

Then I looked at your eyes up close.

I’ll admit, you stole a part of my heart.


Your sultry voice drew me in.


I was happy to be there, be in that moment.

You leaned in and pressed your soft cheek on mine.

I felt something seep into my body.

I was going to keep you.

I had to touch you.

The hug we shared made me want more of those.

“Would you like to go in?”


I didn’t want to think about food.

I just wanted to talk to you and get to know you.

From the first meet, I knew there was more between us.



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