What is beauty?

Is it a smile?

Pretty eyes?

A face whose skin is hidden by make-up?

Is it a small body filling a size six or eight dress?

Is it the ability to charm people and have them like you but not know the real you?

Is it having a pretty face that anyone would do anything thing for?

Is it winning a contest?

What is beauty to you?

Its said to be in the beholders eye but what will a beholder say is beautiful?

Is that person who’s the center of the group what constitutes as beauty?

To what lenghts will you go to achieve beauty?

Where do you find beauty?

Just because he’s handsome and has much going for him, does that mean there’s beuty in him?

Because she’s loved by everyone, does that mean she’s the symbol of beauty you crave?

It’s not just eyes,


Great body,

Ability to strut with confidence,

Having been born into the right family,

Having it all at the tips of your fingers.

Beauty is different.

You see it,

Find it,

And its rare?

So what is beauty to you?


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