happy · Romance · Sexual

Turn on.

“I will drive you crazy, because I don’t hold back.”

Gregs hands wrecked  havoc on my body.

“You say such weird things.” I said, trying to catch a breath.

“It’s not weird, I say what’s going and don’t hold back.” He nibbled on her neck.

My God, the man wasn’t giving her a moment to think or do anything silly.

“I want to leave marks on your skin that will make you smile when I’m not there.”

Her hickey was going to be so huge a scarf wouldn’t hide it.

“I’m going to stretch you under me and feast on your body all night.”

“You’re so full on.” I managed to say.

“I’m about to get filthy and I know you love it.”

I smiled.

Hands wamdered,

Lips everywhere.

I loved this.

He didn’t hold back and I didn’t mind.


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