“You need to move out of your comfort zone,”

She bit her lip at the words. it was easily said than done.

“Give me your hand,”

she did.

“Look up,”

her uncertain eyes rose to his.

“Come closer.”

Tentatively, she walked closer until she could feel the warmth from his body reaching to hug her.

“Now, chin up and don’t close your eyes,” he said, hands touching her waist.

“What do you want?”

She bit her lip again, she looked at his, she wanted to feel them on hers, but say it?

“I want to hear the words slip past your lips.”

Mellow tones and words promising to free her from the pit of shyness she lurked in.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

His breath fanned her lips when he leaned in.

“Free me from my captive shyness,” she whispered.

Desperate to part with something that pulled her back every time.

“Then take charge and use me.” he said.

She lifted and took what she wanted from him, he smiled against her lips.

It was a start.


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