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She smiles at you early in the morning,

Her golden rays snaking over your skin like a lovers touch,

Sexy sleepy eyes,

Rumpled bed sheets.

Today she’s on a happy mood.

Soon her lungs have are too enthusiastic to settle.

Wind whips from all directions,

Skirts are swept up,

Coats are suddenly buttoned,

Hair is in your eyes, some strands have stuck in your mouth.

Oh she’s not having a good day.

Tears fall.





Umbrella’s everywhere.

Canopies of colour and rush footsteps splashing in her tears.

Her smile is back again,



Her grey mood has parted.

Smile back at her.

Suddenly she’s not so happy,

She’s ripped the blankets off your back and poured cold water on you.

You arrive at your destination soaked.

Hair like rat tails,



That’s Melbourne.

She doesn’t like to be predictable.

She smiles,

She cries,

She grumbles,

That’s Melbourne.

Love her warm smile when the grey has parted.



Everyone's life view prism is different.

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