Romance · Sexual


The floor to celling windows were open again.

Wind blowing the curtains inside in long arcs.

Then he saw a flash of brown,

Those long legs,

The wind pulled the curtain back and blew them back in,

Another flash, but this time her heel.

Something white dropped.

He bet that sensual music she liked was playing again.

A leg stretched from behind a chair.

Damn, she had sexy legs.

A curving curtain hid the leg then he saw most of her when they blew in again.

She was applying something on her legs now.

Her palm rubbed on her thigh, slowly, then down her lower leg until she reached her feet.

She moved to the other leg but a curtain hid her this time.

He leaned in,

A sigh sounded.

When the curtain blew in, he saw her standing with her back arched.

Not a care in the world.

A brown jewel.

She pulled a thin black material on,

Shimming her legs as it went up.

She now sat on the couch arm when he saw her after the curtains blew back.

She turned and looked behind.

She rose.

She took something but turned, her back facing him.

A long, sleek, smooth back.

He could see twin dents where her dimples were just above the small panty line.

She bend again, a leg rose the other and she was covering all that brown beauty with a black material.

Her waist and legs shimmied again as it rose moulding itself to her curves.


She zipped it with no struggle.

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

Our eyes met.

My mouth opened with a gasp but she winked.


She sashayed out. He saw a glimpse of her before the curtains blew out again.


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