sad · words


New day,

But the same chaos.

My ears ringing.

You’re yelling again.

I’ve not fully woken,

But your words are already ripping shreds off my skin.

My guard is up.

My shield is strengthened.

I have not woken,

But now I’m back in battle.

You won’t let me have a say.

You won’t listen to a word I have to say.

You like to tear me apart like I’m a prey.

Shred at a time.

Every word  a bullet aimed to fatally wound.

I have not woken yet I’m usually up and ready for battle.

Why won’t you listen?

Why is it that I have done so much in your eyes yet I don’t know?

Why have you chosen to kill so slowly?

It’s a battle everyday.



Watery eyes,

Battered spirit.

I have not woken, yet I always have to be ready for battle.


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