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Out of nowhere I was plunged into the unknown.




I put it all on hold.

What else could I do.

I needed to fix things.

They weren’t alright anymore.

But you held my hand.

My heart racing,

My moods swaying back and forth like a pendulum,

You were patient.

I knew I would be back.



But I had to fix things.

Thoughts and feeling playing peek-a-boo.

Rocking myself to have something else to focus on.

I knew I would be back.

You kept reminding me.

Your hope, faith and determination.

I’m back.

Like it was a bad thought flashing in my head and gone in a second.

But you did it.

I fixed things.

You stood by me when I was scared inside my head.

You brought me back.



Everyone's life view prism is different.

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