happy · Romance


I missed you,
I missed kissing you,
I missed laughing with you,
I missed hanging out with you,
Bottom line, I missed all of you.
I smile.
‘I missed you too.’
Now I can hug you all I want.
I can hold you for as long as you let me.
I can lean in and touch my lips of yours until you smile.
I can tickle you,
I can carry you,
I can play with you.
But most of all I’m grateful to have you.
I love you.
‘I love you too.’
I don’t want you to go.
I don’t want to imagine how it feels like now hours later.
I don’t want to not turn and look at you.
See your face lights up,
See those beautiful eyes staring at me.
Damn I love you.
I giggle, ‘and I love you’
Then a kiss.


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