Romance · Sexual

Just us.

Desire filled eyes gaze into mine.
His body draped over mine.
He leans down and his lips brush mine.
My back archs.
His fingers twines with mine over my head.
His thrusts deep and slow.
Our mingled breaths fill my ears and the room.
My thighs tighten around his waist.
Heels digging on the tops of his butt.
He grunts.
One if his hands lets go and pushes my back to him even more.
My breasts and his chest sliding over each other.
His tongue licks my swollen bottom lip.
I can feel it,
Body tense then I let go as his thrusts get faster and deeper.
It’s just us.
Suspended in this moment.
Sweat sleaked bodies.
As I let go again, I feel him tense.
His grunt and my name on his lips.
While I float in a cloud of feathers I smile at the feel of his breaths as they fan my neck.


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