Romance · sad


Lighter goes off.
Golden flame.
The Tip burns.
A long draw.
Grey hides the face.
Through the nose.
Perfect circles of grey float like jelly fish.
The room a roar of voices.
A face emerges.
Steady gaze.
I guess it was bound to come out.
The cream coloured head on his lap lifts.
The burning tip of a forgotten cuban cigar.
He bends hid hand,
Eyes on mine,
He drags a lungful of smoke.
Grey hides his face.
The face of the blonde looks at me.
Heels click on the floor.
Grey sticking on my clothes.
Grey smothering me.
Grey filling my nose until I can’t breathe.
Another puff,
Hooded eyes,
A smile.
There’s no time for me here.
Fuck the poisonous puffs.


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