Live in the now.

Everyone wants to ‘take it all back’
Most people are busy regretting what they did then.
A stupid move,
A vengeful act,
A well placed trap,
Said something wrong.
We’ve all done something wrong in the past.
We keep wanting to ‘take it all back.’
The time is past,
There was a reason you did that then,
Those words,
Those actions,
Those things,
They should have taught you something,
They should mould you into someone who learned.
They should remind you mistakes re made to teach you something.
Live in the now,
Agonising about taking it all back never brings it back.
Want to be better from now on.
Today you worry about, ‘taking it all back’
What will you have done tomorrow to show you learned from your mistakes.
New year,
New you.


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